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Frank Sinatra Autographs & More

Frank Sinatra Authentic Autographs, Movie Posters and Original Vintage Memorabilia & Collectibles

The Largest most Impressive Collection of Frank Sinatra GENUINE Autographed Memorabilia & Rare Collectibles you will ever find!

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Considered by many to be the greatest entertainer of the 20th Century, "There will never be another Sinatra"

The Frank Sinatra biography, "Sinatra:The Life", hit stores nationwide two years ago. And, as critics acknowledge it is the story of an American icon who held the imagination of millions for more than fifty years and whose influence in popular music was unsurpassed in the twentieth century.

CAUTION: Frank Sinatra is an extremely popular figure in American culture. As a result many unscrupulous people will take advantage of that phenomenon

Hence, be very cautious when considering buying a Frank Sinatra signed piece. Approximately 95% or more (no exaggeration) of the autographs on the market are secretarial (NOT personally signed by him but by his secretaries) or outright forgeries. For example, I find about ONE out of 50 Frank Sinatra autographs on Ebay & other sites to be Authentic, the other 49 being fakes. This unfortunately is the case for most ALL valuable autographs being sold on Ebay & suspicious websites. Forgers have embraced the "un-policed" internet marketplace as a safe haven for their fraudulent operations. And COA's are worthless unless they come from a reputable source that guarantees authenticity for life. Rare Autographs from legendary figures like Frank Sinatra are incredibly valuable treasures to cherish for a lifetime. And, Authenticity is the foundation a rare autograph's value is based upon. So, only buy from someone with the knowledge, experience, and the solid track record to stand behind the integrity of everything he/she sells.   HINT: One "red flag" of a seller of forgeries is often unrealistic low prices (since forgers don't buy autographs) and seller's inventory all suspiciously UN-inscribed. 
* One way to protect yourself from the risk of buying from a "questionable" deader is to only buy from a UACC Registered Dealer as UACC Dealers MUST adhere to a strict code of conduct.  It is important to note anyone selling fake autographs CAN NOT be a UACC Dealer.   Accordingly it is no surprise you may encounter a "suspicious" dealer that disparages the UACC for obvious self-serving reasons.  

* You may find Frank Sinatra signed items on the internet and even auctions that are less expensive than us. However, the big difference?, … We have specialized in Frank Sinatra autographs for over 25 years and our pieces are GUARANTEED Genuine Forever, while the majority of what you will find elsewhere is almost always a “secretarial” signature or outright forgery. Any Frank Sinatra autograph on our site is 100% guaranteed genuine for life and guaranteed to pass any industry recognized authentication such as JSA

We continue to build the largest, most amazing collection of original AUTHENTIC Frank Sinatra autographs and vintage treasures and we now have the largest AUTHENTIC Frank Sinatra autograph Collection you will ever find! I have personally collected and studied Frank Sinatra autographs for over 25 years. All of our autographs are backed with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee of authenticity.

Note:  Most major celebrities, like Frank Sinatra signed autographs and personalized it to someone. Some collectors don’ t like inscriptions, while other collectors do. I personally don’t mind inscriptions because not only is it additional handwriting from that celebrity but it also adds to the authenticity.  Not many autograph forgers will risk providing additional evidence of their forgery handiwork by adding an inscription.  For example, for such notables as Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Bela Lugosi , JFK and others their handwriting was exclusively unique.  Hence, even if a forger’s signature is a close match the other elements, like inscriptions will be the dead giveaway. 

Meanwhile what some people do is mat out the inscription during the framing process. For example, I will mat a photo of Mr Sinatra and at the bottom of the mat have a separate opening for the signature. If my client does not want the inscription showing, only the signature will appear in the autograph window. On the other hand, others will actually cut out the signature from the autographed paper and discard the inscription... Many dealers do this and sell it as an un-inscribed autograph. Personally I think that is a bad idea. We would rather let the new owner decide if he/she wants to alter the autographed piece to accommodate the final presentation.

See the recently discovered Collection from the estate of the President of the Frank Sinatra Club during the 1940s/50s.  See Here

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