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About Us

Conway's Vintage Treasures (CVT) is owned by Kevin Conway, a collector of Vintage Movie Posters, Historical & Sports Memorabilia, rare Celebrity Autographs, Historical Photography,  antique Fine Art,  vintage toys and other museum grade collectibles and memorabilia for over 35 years. While serving in the US Navy aboard a nuclear powered submarine, he attended a local auction where they were selling rare historical autographed photos, documents and vintage movie posters. He was just amazed at all the history that was available to the public. It was then that his collecting passion for historical memorabilia was born.

Kevin is a native of New England (RI and MA).   But, after several decades of brutal Winters, he and his family moved to sunny Florida.   When he's not having fun buying and selling historical memorabilia, he spends time with his family, fishing and the Florida real estate market. 

Kevin has also been a featured guest on the History Channel's hit TV Show "Pawn Stars" several times.  After their production company discovered and was thrilled about the extraordinary rare vintage inventory at CVT they pursued Kevin for about a year before he agreed to appear on "Pawn Stars".  Since his initial appearances, "Pawn Stars" has asked him to return countless times.  Unfortunately, due to a very busy schedule,  Kevin has had to consistently turn down their invitations. 

At CVT, we pride ourselves with acquiring only the most exclusive, rare collectibles and memorabilia for the "exclusive" collector. In particular, our passion includes the areas of vintage Hollywood, Classic Sports Memorabilia, Museum Grade Vintage Photograhy and historical figures and events.

One thing our customers know about us, is that we are fanatical about insuring all of our original treasures are 100% authentic. We go to great lengths authenticating everything we acquire.. And unlike many dealers, we don't sell "everything". You won't see contemporary autographs such as Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie on our web site. No, you're more likely to find the genuine legends of the Golden Age of Hollywood, History and Sports. For example, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Franklin Roosevelt, JFK, Abraham Lincoln or Babe Ruth. The primary reason we don't invest in contemporary autographs is many modern day celebrities DON'T sign a name, they scribble, making it nearly impossible to authenticate, with such limited, indecipherable data.  Also, modern celebrities don't have a historical trail of their signing habits. For example, autograph studies on Tom Cruise are not available. On the other hand, there have been extensive signature studies accomplished on celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Judy Garland and each President.

NOTE:  While you will find other poster dealers when searching online, you may discover that most other dealers sell the more common, less desirable and less valuable posters you can find on any given day on eBay.   But, at Conway's Vintage Treasures we specialize in the more RARE Vintage Posters. Autographs, Historical Photography and High Investment collectibles  you are NOT likely to see on eBay or other online venues. 

AND, unlike most other dealers who stick to one category, we are more diverse, meaning you never know what surprising Rare artifact will appear on

We only sell what we know and have expertise in. That's why we Guarantee the Authenticity of all our autographs and movie posters For Life.   Read our Guarantee fo Authenticity policy

We are members of the UACC (Universal Autograph Collectors Club) and are Registered Dealer # 307.

Questions? Hit the Contact Us button on top and we will respond within 12 hours, usually within 1 hour.

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