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Abbott & Costello Comin' Round the Mountain - one sheet - 1951

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Original Vintage Old Classic Film Theater Movie Posters Memorabilia For Sale
Comin Round the Mountain, 1941
Original Vintage One Sheet Movie Poster (27x41")
Starring Abbott & Costello


A beautiful ORIGINAL vintage Abbott & Costello One Sheet from their classic "Comin' Round the Mountain". If you're not a die-hard Abbott & Costello fan you may not remember, but this is their movie in which Lou has one of his most memorable scenes ever with Margaret Hamilton (the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of OZ) in which they each create a Voodoo doll of one another and torture each other by sticking the dolls with pins. It's hard to believe she was never included in the credits on the poster or their videos, since she was one of the immortal legends from Oz. This is a beautiful Original poster from 1951, and in pretty nice condition.  Had some restoration to the fold lines. But gas been professionally linen backed and now looks Amazing !    * See enlargeable image above

Comin' Round the Mountain (Universal International, 1953) Folded, Very Good/Fine. Trimmed Argentinean One Sheet (27.25" X 43"). Comedy. Starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Dorothy Shay, Kirby Grant, Joe Sawyer, Glenn Strange, Ida Moore, Shaye Cogan, Margaret Hamilton, Guy Wilkerson, and Robert Easton. Directed by Charles Lamont.



The feud is on between the Wingfields and the McCoys when Bud Abbott discovers his clients, hopeless magician Lou Costello and the Park Avenue hillbilly Dorothy Shay are both McCoys and Costello's inherited concertina holds the secret to a treasure of hidden gold. So off they go to the Appalachins where Costello's arrival sets off the feud that had pretty much died down.

Bud and Lou get themselves a good supporting cast with a group of players used to rustic roles. I'm wondering how the folks at Universal missed getting Judy Canova and Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride in this film. Lou's best scene involves him haggling with a hag played by Margaret Hamilton in her wicked witch makeup over some love potion with each making a voodoo doll of the other to poke holes in.

Dorothy Shay was just about at the end of her peak of popularity which started post World War II. She was a singer with a warm contralto who decided to play up her southern roots. Dorothy made a whole lot of hillbilly ditties popular back in those days and her big hit song, Feudin' a Fussin' and a Fightin' was still selling good in 1951 when Comin' Round the Mountain came out. I have it and also a vinyl record of a Bing Crosby radio show where she sang that song as a trio number with herself, Bing, and Groucho Marx. She did what very few did in Abbott and Costello pictures, hold her own with the boys and not get lost in the supporting cast.

It's not the best of their films, but still enjoyable and just wait till you see the treasure that they do find.

Note: The "Voodoo" scene with Lou and Margaret Hamilton is Priceless and is the film's scene stealer !