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Abbott & Costello Hold That Ghost Vintage Movie Poster 1 sht

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Hold That Ghost
Original Vintage Movie Poster One Sheet (27x41")
Starring Bud Abbott & Lou Costello

Terrific vintage piece of Hollywood History!  We have been trying to acquire this Abbott & Costello one sheet movie poster for the past 20 years or so.   Have always liked it better than the 1941 original release which did not have any scenes from the films on it.  Last year a 1948 re-release "Hold That Ghost" sold at auction for $4780.  Apparently, a couple of other collectors had been waiting a long time to own this gem as evident with the  intense bidding war that ensued.  Very good to excellent condition with some border wear and fold lines as with all vintage one sheets.   Has been professionally linen backed and looks amazing!

NOTE: There were actually two versions of the 1948 Realart re-release.   A version with a "yellow ghost" but no images of The Andrew Sisters and Ted Lewis.  And, this version which has the "white ghost", terrific additional images of Joan Davis holding the candle, The Andrew Sisters and Ted Lewis as he plays his clarinet with the ghost actually slithering out of it...  THIS is the actual version that sold at auction last year for $4780.   One of the best Abbott & Costello posters you'll ever see!    In very good condition, had some border tears and old tape stains, but those minor flaws were easily addressed with professional linen backing and this gem looks amazing!.

* See enlargeable image above

Hold That Ghost (Realart, R-1948). One Sheet (27" X 41"). Comedy.
Although this was Abbott and Costello's second picture, it was released third, as Universal wanted them in another WWII effort, In the Navy, as a logical follow up to Buck Privates. This was, however, the picture that really got the laughs. It also proved that the comedy team could work wonders with "scares" and pave the way for future films. After the release of Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, Realart and Eagle-Lion logically secured the rights to re-release this classic A&C scare fest.

Starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Richard Carlson, Joan Davis, Mischa Auer, Evelyn Ankers, Marc Lawrence, Shemp Howard, The Andrews Sisters. Directed by Arthur Lubin.  
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello trapped in a haunted house with a ghost, mobsters, and strange goings-on, made for great entertainment. The bumbling pair inherit the home of a gangster whose treasures are yet to be discovered. This screwball comedy has appearances by The Andrew Sisters, Ted Lewis, and Shemp Howard.
Please see full-color, enlargeable image above for more details.  
 In very good condition, had some border tears and old tape stains, but those minor flaws were easily addressed with professional linen backing and this gem looks amazing!.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original

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