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They are the immortal stars of the Silver Screen. From the past 70 years. Own a piece of Hollywood History. Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, The Marx Brothers, Three Stooges, Horror Legends and the list goes on. We have the most incredible Collection of AUTHENTIC Rare Autograph Treasures for the Selective Collector.

Note:  Most major celebrities, like Frank Sinatra signed autographs and personalized it to someone. Some collectors don’ t like inscriptions, while other collectors do. I personally don’t mind inscriptions because not only is it additional handwriting from that celebrity but it also adds to the authenticity.  Not many autograph forgers will risk providing additional evidence of their forgery handiwork by adding an inscription.  For example, for such notables as Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Bela Lugosi , JFK and others their handwriting is so exclusively unique that even if a forger’s signature is a close match the other elements, like inscriptions will be the dead giveaway.


Meanwhile what some people do is mat out the inscription during the framing process. For example, I will mat a photo of Mr Sinatra and at the bottom of the mat have a separate opening for the signature. If my client does not want the inscription showing, only the signature will appear in the autograph window. On the other hand, others will actually cut out the signature only from the autograph paper. Many dealers do this and sell it as an un-inscribed autograph. We would rather let the new owner decide if he/she wants to alter the autographed piece to accommodate the final presentation.

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