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Bela Lugosi Rare Vintage Autograph Signed 1932

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Bela Lugosi
RARE Historical Signed  Autograph

"A Bela that belongs in a Museum!"

From the late 19th to the early 20th   century a young man began his quest to build one of the most prolific and amazing autograph collections in history.    His autograph venture became so well known he became sort of celebrity himself.  Consequently, many of the most famous movie stars felt so honored to receive his personal autograph stationary requests, that  many stars would write very intimate sentiments when responding to this autograph collecting pioneer. .    Case in point:  Look at Vincent Price's response to Mr Norris, which we recently acquired..See HERE...

Bela Lugosi signs in July 1932 in bold dark vintage fountain pen, "Congratulations on your fine autograph collection, Mr Norris, Bela Lugosi".  In his genuine hand, NOT Mrs Lugosi as often seen. Particularly when he was at the height of his career and fame just a year after completing his horror masterpiece....   Comes with the vintage period news clipping photo of Mr Lugosi you see above.  This photo was actually attached to the Lugosi signature page of Mr Norris's autograph album (also see image of the original vintage album this Mr Lugosi's signature was removed from,  below).  

Howes Norris Jr. (1867-1938), one of the most well-known and prolific autograph collectors America has ever known. An article in the St. Petersburg Times (April 17, 1946) called him "the Granddaddy of all the autograph fiends."  Norris even had a specific letterhead, "The Howes Norris Jr. Autograph Collection," which he used to solicit autographs. His other themed autograph albums are held institutionally: Beinecke Library has his French autograph album, Syracuse University has his cartoon album, the Delaware Art Museum has his artist album, with other pieces in the Library of Congress. The provenance for his treasured signed pieces is impeccable and unmatched in the collecting world..

We recently had the opportunity to acquire one of the CHOICE Autographs from one of his famed autograph albums.   From a book of about 90 other signatures, again ALL on Mr Norris’s personal stationery letterhead was one of the Holy Grails of horror movie autographs.  Count Dracula himself.    And not just a typical autograph, but as you can see from the image above, he includes a personal sentiment that indicates Mr Lugosi already knew about  Mr Norris’s  famous autograph project.    Also note Bela Lugosi signed this at the height of his fame , just the year following his greatest iconic role as Count Dracula.     We know this because Mr Norris took additional meticulous steps to date each autograph he received directly on his letterhead stationary.  

We have collected Bela Lugosi’s autograph for over 30 years, but this stands out as the most extraordinary, pristine and historically significant discovery we’ve ever encountered.  A museum quality find.  And frankly, we are fortunate that this this particular autograph book with Mr Lugosi’s signature escaped Museum captivity as Mr Norris's other books are today.

 See enlargeable image above ..

Guaranteed Authentic for Life
Conway's Vintage Treasures
UACC Registered Dealer No 307

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