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John F Kennedy JFK Autograph Signed Letter Amazing Content!


Presidential authentic autographs signatures letters

John F Kennedy JFK
Guaranteed AUTHENTIC Autograph Signed Letter
(and original invitation letter)
July 31, 1954




“My schedule is indefinite due to the reoccurrence of a war injury which has necessitated the use of crutches and may require correction” ~JFK

Astonishing piece of History! Most JFK letters that have appeared on the market are Signed by his secretary, mostly after 1955 and do not contain important intimate content like this Historical Treasure! 

HOWEVER, authentically signed letters, are rare and highly desirable. This is unquestionably a Guaranteed Authentic JFK Signed letter.   *Guaranteed to pass any reputable authentication service like JSA, Beckett or PSA

*NOTE:   There is a Huge difference investment value between an insignificant JFK Signed letter and a Signed letter with important historical content.
Very few letters that have ever been sold have the invaluable historical content this one does. Most have insignificant content. For example, a JFK letter with rudimentary content like a Thank You type letter will sell for around $1500-2000. A letter where he discusses the "Bay of Pigs"? , about $50,000!   So a letter where JFK discusses his WW2 related injury from his historic PT 109 incident?  No doubt a museum grade investment!

Although we’ve had a number of Signed JFK pieces of the past 40 years, this is probably the most astonishing with extraordinarily amazing content. JFK responds to an invitation from a close friend (Original invitation letter also included) and mentions he is somewhat incapacitated due to the reoccurrence of a war injury which requires him to use crutches. This very intimate and personal letter showcases JFK injuries in WW2 when his famous boat PT 109 was rammed by a Japanese Cruiser in 1943. Though JFK had back issues as a young man, this traumatic war incident only exacerbated his earlier health issues.

On JFK Senate Letterhead, signed "Jack" in blue ink with added handwritten note "Hope to see you the 23th," .

NOTE: JFK typically signed "Jack" only to close friends.   In 40 years collecting I've Never seen a secretary Sign "Jack".  

NOTE: One way to identify a authentic JFK Signed letter and weed out the “secretarial signature” is from his handwritten personal notes, after his signature. Based on 40 years collecting signed historical documents Ive never seen a JFK secretary add a personal handwritten note. 

 * Also, JFK Secretarial signatures did not start until after 1955. Reputable signature studies like Charles Hamilton’s famous book, “The Robot that Made a President” identify the JFK secretarial signatures that started in late 1955.

This Signed letter is Guaranteed Authentic for Life and Guaranteed to pass any reputable authentication service like JSA, Beckett or PSA

* See enlargeable images above

Kennedy, John F. (1917-1963) Typed Letter Signed to Richard S. Kelley, 31 July 1954. Typed in blue ink on United States Senate letterhead regarding an invitation to attend the annual Communion Breakfast of the Mt. Benedict Council, Knights of Columbus, Somerville, Massachusetts, signed "Jack" in blue ink with added note "Hope to see you the 23th," (folds, small indents along right edge), 10 1/2 x 8 in., with carbon copy of Kelley's invitation letter, (toned, loss at l.r. corner), 5 3/4 x 8 1/2 in.

* See enlargeable images above 

Guaranteed Authentic Original and comes with Lifetime COA
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