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Theodore Roosevelt Signed Autographed Presidential Appointment


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Theodore Roosevelt as President
Signed Autographed Presidential Appointment Document, 1902


Particularly strikingly beautiful Signed Autographed Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Appointment Document.  With rarely seen blue ribbon attached to the gold foil seal

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Rare original, Museum Grade 1902 Document Signed by Theodore Roosevelt as President of the United States appointing one John F. Freese Postmaster at East Walpole in Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

    This original, engraved Document is printed on a high quality parchment paper and measures approx. 22" by 17". It is dated March 26th, 1902 and appoints John F. Freese Postmaster at East Walpole in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. The Document is boldly signed at the lower right hand corner – "Theodore Roosevelt" and is also signed by Henry C. Payne as Postmaster General. There is a beautiful, spread wing bald eagle at the top and an affixed, gold foil seal of the United States Post Office Department (featuring an embossed image of a Pony Express Rider) at the lower left hand corner. The manuscript entries in the body of the Document have been entered in an artistic, calligraphic font thus adding much to the beauty of the presentation.

    This very rare and very attractive, 1902 Theodore Roosevelt, Signed Document is in very good condition. The signature of Theodore Roosevelt is large and bold as are the other manuscript entries and the signature of the Postmaster General. The Parchment sheet is generally clean and crisp and retains wide margins on all edges. There is some light, uniform age toning and some darker toning in the area of the affixed gold foil seal. There is some wear, some small chips and a small tear to the very outer edges of the wide margins of the sheet. The blue ribbon attached to the gold foil seal is folded but generally well preserved. Overall the Document is a well preserved example of a Presidential Appointment Document signed by Theodore Roosevelt and it will display beautifully with a quality matting and framing.

    A very rare and original, 1902 Theodore Roosevelt Appointment Document signed as the President of the United States and a fantastic addition to any collection!!

    The signature of President Theodore Roosevelt and the Document are unconditionally guaranteed authentic and original and the Signature is unconditionally guaranteed to be in the hand of Theodore Roosevelt. The Document and Signature are backed by our “no questions asked” return policy and lifetime guarantee of authenticity. The Signature and Document are unconditionally guaranteed to be deemed authentic by any third party authentication service and the Document will be accompanied by our own Letter of Authenticity with a statement of our unconditional return policy and guarantee of authenticity.

Guaranteed Authentic for Life.
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