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Harry Houdini  ORIGINAL Vintage LIVE Escape TYPE I Photo 1923


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Harry Houdini 
ORIGINAL Antique Vintage 1923 LIVE Escape TYPE I Photo 
"Houdini diving into a swimming pool in Los Angeles", 1923

It would be his last outdoor stunt of his life and one of his most famous



Stunning Original Vintage TYPE I Houdini Escape Photo

When we gaze upon a historical photograph, we are transported to the actual scene, standing as silent witnesses to history unfolding before our eyes.

1923 Harry Houdini, "Handcuffed for Important Stunt in California" Famous Photo

Rare 1923 photograph of Harry Houdini diving into a swimming pool in Los Angeles at the Ambassador Hotel. It would be his last outdoor stunt of his life and one of his most famous. Issued by Wide World Photos and stamped on the back, the photo also carries a long paper caption that goes into detail about the event. This is one of the only images from this event that we have ever seen and this example is being offered here for the first time ever, fresh out of a newspaper archive. There are some pinholes at the corners from editorial use and a light crease on the left side, but overall the photograph presents really well.   With impeccable provenance on back. 

A Vintage 1923 ORIGINAL Photo issued by Pacific & Atlantic depicting the legendary Harry Houdini pulling off his "Ball & Chain in Pool Escape" trick at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.   Houdini would emerge from the waters in less than 30 seconds. RARE, period gelatin-silver photograph capturing the most famous of all magicians who revolutionized magic and was one of the true star attractions in the 1st half of the 20th Century.

This engrossing image has been reproduced a number of times.  But, THIS is the ORIGINAL!
Size: 8x10
Designation: Vintage 1

* See enlargebale images above and below

Note:  About 4-5 years ago we acquired another Type I photo form this very 1923  Houdini performance in LA.  The other one we had was an image just before he dove in.  That photo had been trimmed down to about 6x8”.   THIS photo is 100% Original uncompromised condition with no cutting or trimming to photo. A full 8x10”.    Truly a Gem of a find   With spectacular dated provenance on the back describing the event

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original

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