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Harry Houdini  ORIGINAL Antique Vintage 1926 Escape TYPE I photo


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Harry Houdini 
ORIGINAL HIstorical Antique Vintage 1926 LIVE Escape TYPE I Photo 
"Escape in Airtight Coffin", 1926



Behold! One of the most astonishing and significant Harry Houdini photos known to man!

Unlocking the soul of historical photography, it's the provenance on the back that defines its sought-after nature and appreciative value of these iconic gems..
As a long time customer told me during a conversation,  "its the back of the photo where all the dirty secrets and gold nuggets are hidden!". I’m not sure if they are always "dirty" secrets but I love how he said it!

"Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to witness the mesmerizing artistry and death-defying acts of the one and only Harry Houdini, as he takes the stage for a breathtaking live performance."

When we gaze upon a historical photograph, we are transported to the actual scene, standing as silent witnesses to history unfolding before our eyes.

Over a month ago I introduced to you one of the most extraordinary Harry Houdini Live performance Original Type I photos that have ever surfaced on the market.  And at the time I couldn’t imagine another historical photograph discovery that could compare let alone beat that astonishing Houdini find!   Well, this past week we stumbled upon a amazing find that if not better, at least equally breath-taking!     

A stunning Close-up of Houdini emerging from a miraculous underwater escape, after being buried underwater for 90 minutes.  So amazing when  you hold this photo it feels like he's close enough to reach out and touch!

A surreal portal into the realm of extraordinary and awe-inspiring mastery.

This image echoes the allure of Houdini's era like you were up front witnessing and communicating with the Master!  A tangible piece of Houdini's legendary legacy.

*Impeccable, amazing provenance on back.  Issued by Wide World Photos and stamped on the back with a paper caption as well and dated 8/5/26

* See enlargeable images above and below

One of the most historically significant and astonishing Harry Houdini TYPE I photos to ever surface on the market.    Very few photos of a live Houdini performance that shows such a life like size of Houdini surrounded by witnesses are in existence today. 

The last photo of Houdini that I’m aware of from a Live large performance sold for almost $10,000!  And you couldn’t even make out Houdini that was supposedly hanging upside down above the crowd.  Here Houidni is so large and close, it may reach out and grab you any second!

When was the last time you saw something that hit triggered the reaction,  “I  can’t live without that?    That’s how I felt about this extraordinary Harry Houdini find recently encountered.  

Unquestionably one of the most important and astonishing Original Vintage Type I Houdini photos ever to surface.  This Gem belongs in a  Museum!  Or at least the most coveted Collection!

1926 Harry Houdini, "His Latest Escape in Airtight Coffin" Incredible Photo

1926 Large photograph of magician Harry Houdini as he steps out of  an airtight coffin from his latest escape trick at the Hotel Shelton in New York.  An incredible rarity that we have never seen before, this captures Houdini up close and shirtless, as he once again survives risking his life for the crowd.   Issued by Wide World Photos and stamped on the back with a paper caption as well and dated 8/5/26.   This photo along with the spine tingling NY City Straight Jacket Live Escape photo we have from 1922 are the finest images of Houdini that we have ever offered.   The photo has pinholes from editorial use but otherwise it presents beautifully.
Size: 8x10
Designation: Vintage 1

* See enlargeable images above and below

NOTE:    To truly grasp the marvel of Harry Houdini's artistry, one must experience his brilliance firsthand. Set aside a moment to witness the breathtaking videos below. Behold these two remarkable clips of Houdini's live escapes, capturing history in motion..    At least one of these looks like the very escape captured in this Museum Grade Type I photo.    

Houdini Escape video 1- See Here

Houdini Escape video 2- See Here

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Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original