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Abraham Lincoln 1861 Presidential Campaign CDV Photograph


Abraham Lincoln Original Political Campaign Memorabilia Collectibles Photos For Sale
Abraham Lincoln
1861 Presidential Campaign CDV Photograph, circa 1861
Photographer: E. & H. T. Anthony
(off the original Brady negative) 



Stunning piece of history.  Original 1861 circa Abraham Lincoln CDV photo and original period Photographer stamp on back.  While Lincoln CDVs appear on the market now and then, this particular example is a more Rare version, which as you can see exhibits a high quality resolution with exceptional clarity and striking detail.   A Gem of a find!
Size: Overall 2.5 x 4.25" 

* See enlargeable images above and below

1861 Presidential Campaign CDV.

1861 President Abraham Lincoln CDV.. beautiful Civil War Rarity.  Sharp corners and straight borders. Solid Photographers  Mark on reverse. Vibrant Color & Detailing. Over All Eye Appeal is SUPERB.    

Photographer BIO:

E. & H. T. Anthony & Company was the largest supplier and distributors of photographic supplies in the United States during the 19th century.

Company founder Edward Anthony, a Columbia College trained civil engineer who had studied photography with Samuel F.B Morse, started in the photography business in 1842 by opening a daguerreotype gallery in New York. Five years later he opened a separate shop devoted exclusively to photographic supplies and as sales grew rapidly ceased operations in his daguerrotypist gallery. In 1850 Anthony began the production of daguerreotype cases, camera boxes, and photographic chemicals. His brother, Henry T. Anthony, joined the business two years later in 1852.

The Anthony brothers' factory was located at New York City's Harlem Railroad Depot occupying 1/4 of the building by 1854 and advertised that their company was the largest manufacturer and distributor of photographic apparatus and material in the world. In 1859 Anthony added stereoscopic view cards, photographic albums, and gallery furniture and backdrops to the company's product lines. The Anthony company also maintained a close business relationship with famed American photographer and portraitist Mathew Brady.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp not on original