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Abraham Lincoln Hannibal Hamlin Campign Token ferrotype 1860


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Abraham Lincoln & Hannibal Hamlin
Superb 1860 Campaign Token Two-Sided Ferrotype




Brace yourself for something Extraordinary

Lincoln & Hamlin: Superb 1860 Campaign Two-Sided Ferrotype. 1". A beautiful ferrotype in choice condition featuring a portrait of a clean-shaven Lincoln with his running mate, Hannibal Hamlin, on the obverse. Note the "beardless" Abraham Lincoln.     Also note, the Lincoln and Hamlin images on this particular campaign token are exceptionally high quality with more detail than most others I have seen in 40 years collecting...
* Those who are knowledgeable on these, know how Rare it is to find a LIncoln ferrotype image of this extraordinary quality. 

NOTE:  In particular, the Lincoln image is THE most exquisite I have ever seen in 40 years collecting original antique Abraham Lincoln memorabilia. We have owned about 15 of these 1960 campaign tokens, but Never have we seen this Extraordinary image of a striking young beardless Lincoln.   The quality, detail and condition of this gem far exceeds any of the others I have seen.  

Condition: Light surface wear on portraits and moderate wear on frame from 6 to 8 o'clock on Hamlin side.   Also, most of these that surface for sale have pieces missing out of the images,  very darkened, or severly rubbed off and illegible., 

Description: 1"(26mm). DeWitt AL-1860-92. Striking portrait of Lincoln w/strong contrast.  Light surface wear on portraits and moderate wear on frame from 6 to 8 o'clock on Hamlin side.  . Each side of frame stamped with name of candidate depicted in the corresponding portrait with each name and date "1860."... Frame holed at top for suspension.   *Comes in nice protective case as shown in images below

See enlargeable images above and below.

Note:  The majority of these that appear on the market either have the images completely gone or severely disfigured.   This is an exceptionally nice, rarely seen  example!  And obviously Abraham Lincoln ORIGINAL Campaign relics have a historical significance and value that make them extraordinary investment.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original