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Abraham Lincoln RARE 1860 George Clark Campaign Badge Ambrotype

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Abraham Lincoln Original Political Campaign Memorabilia Collectibles Photos For Sale
1860 George 
Clark Campaign Ambrotype
Abraham Lincoln



One of the most important and RARE pieces of American, Civil War & Abe Lincoln History we've acquired in our 40 Years collecting!  ONLY about 10 known to exist!

The significance of this astonishing Abe Lincoln find cannot be overestimated.   Of all the Lincoln 1860 campaign photo based artifacts, this is considered the Holy Grail!   In contrast to the traditional Lincoln campaign token, this 1860 Campaign Ambrotype Badge has the rare beardless Lincoln and is more then double the size of a 1" Campaign token, this one measuring a stunning 2.5".  It is also behind its Original glass which is Not broken or scratched (most found have suffered glass damage).    It should also be noted that there were two versions of this campaign treasure, one of which had the hole at the top where a string/ribbon was use to hang around the neck and the other version having a Pinback.  The Pinback is more rare and desirable.  This one we are offering is the Rare Pinback. .   
 * ONLY about 10 are known to exist and only 2 or 3 of those are the more Rare Pinback version. 

* See enlargeable images above and below

Sales History:
This particular highly scarce and intensely desirable Abe Lincoln Ambrotype has sold in excess of $20,000 up to $30,000!
Until last year when the last one sold at auction in February 2018 for $35,000!   A choice historical artifact that, not surprisingly, continues to skyrocket in value!

Condition:  Good-Very Good.     This Ambro Campaign Badge is in fine condition considering it's age of 160+ years, and has clearly been treasured and preserved over the years. There is some loss to the photograph in the lower half, which is clearly visible but which affects Mr. Lincoln's suit primarily. There is some loss on the extreme left also.  But note from the enlargeable images, Lincoln face remains quite nice with just a small speck on forehead and  tiny speck above left eye. 
The card backing has slightly darkened with age and has a couple pencil marks which don't affect the text. .  Overall, the piece is in excellent original, antique condition, and presents exceptionally well. The glass is neither cracked nor chipped.  And the Pinback is there!  (the one other Pinback we found that sold 10 years ago, Pin was missing).   Of course without the minor age related flaws this historical piece would be consigned to a major auction house fetching upwards of $35,000!

The pin has a card backing which reads: "For President, Hon. Abraham Lincoln. Manufactured by Geo. Clark, Jr. & Co. Ambrotype Artists, No. 59 Court St. Boston." The vertically mounted pin interrupts some of the text and some of the text is faded, although most of it is bold and readable including the most important parts like "FOR PRESIDENT Hon. Abraham Lincoln". 

* See enlargeable  photos above and below!

Abraham Lincoln: A Superb Example of the RARE Iconic George Clark 1860 Campaign Ambrotype, Measuring 2.125" x 2.5". 
Although photographic campaign items did have very limited use in the elections of 1848-1856, it was in 1860 that photographic novelties had a transformative effect on American politics. The most famous example is this Lincoln portrait known as the "Cooper Union" pose. The nation's leading portrait photographer, Mathew Brady, took the image while Lincoln was in New York to give a speech at Cooper Union Institute, in February 1860. Lincoln was then merely one of many aspirants to the Republican presidential nomination, and the dissemination of this photograph played a major role in his emergence on the national scene. Collectors have long considered this impressive 2.125" x 2.5" brooch to be the premier photographic item from that landmark election. It was produced by "Geo. Clark, Jr & Co, Ambrotype Artists" in two forms: holed at the top for suspension and with a vertical pin on reverse. This pinback version is generally considered the preferred type, as it inaugurates a long tradition of pinback campaign badges. Clark also produced a few similar ambros for Bell and Douglas, but most likely these were samples, not widely distributed as were the Lincolns.

It features the "Cooper Union" portrait by Mathew Bradyand is universally regarded as the premier Lincoln photographic item from the 1860 election. Original cardboard insert on reverse carries the legend, "For President, Hon. Abraham Lincoln." Almost certainly the first 1860 photographic campaign item, it features a perfectly centered ambrotype image set in a gold colored shell frame (ambrotypes, the precursor of tintypes, were made by applying the photographic emulsion to the underside of a sheet of glass, rather than to a tin surface). While at least three companion piece for opponents Stephen Douglas and John Bell are known, it is clear that Lincoln was by far the most popular subject. However, the vast majority of surviving examples exhibit significant condition issues: flaking or scratches on the emulsion, cracks in the glass, etc. It has been some years since we can recall seeing an example of this quality on the market, essentially as fresh as the day it was made. Specimens of this quality have previously sold for over $20,000 to as much as $30,000.

Note:   These Lincoln relics continue to skyrocket in value..  The last one to sell at auction was 2018 and sold for $35,000!  As expected that was a near mint example.  However, if you’re looking to own this incredible piece of history with a nice image of Lincoln that doesn’t carry a near mint price tag, with minor emulsion mostly around edges, a decent image of Lincoln with NO cracked glass, the More Rare and desirable Pinback and a good readable 1860 campaign card on reverse, then  this is most certainly the best  opportunity you’ll ever encounter..  

Note:  Another specimen with severely disfigured Lincoln image and poor condition with severe water damaged  campaign card on back sold a decade ago for $3500.

George Clark ambros are found, in roughly equal numbers, in two forms: with a large wearing pin and clasp on verso or holed at the top for suspension. The question of which is the preferred version is largely a matter of personal taste. Some collectors prefer the first version as it falls within the continuum of pinback political badges.

Surely one of the prize items in for any serious Lincoln Collection!   The first we have ever seen in our 40 years collecting.  This gem and new listing wont last!

Guaranteed Authentic for Life
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