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Andrew Jackson Campaign Novelty Bodkin 1829


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1829 Andrew Jackson Campaign Novelty Bodkin


Very Rare early 19th Century Piece of American Political History !

1829 Andrew Jackson Campaign Novelty Bodkin that was given out at his Inauguration in 1829, nearly 200 Years Ago! 
The first time we have come across one of these historical relics in our 40 years collecting. 

Size:  2.25” Long.

* See enlargeable images above and below

1829 Andrew Jackson Campaign Novelty Bodkin. 2 ½". A campaign novelty you can use! On one side of this bodkin (needle) is engraved "Andrew Jackson" and on the other "Elected President 1829".

What is a Bodkin?   
A bodkin is simply a blunt needle with large eye for drawing tape or ribbon through a loop or hem. This bodkin is in excellent condition.

2.25" long tapered steel. Inscription is incised on each side. Used to make holes in cloth or leather and to draw a thread through a hem. Inscription uses word "Elected" but the election actually occurred in 1828. This piece is to commemorate his March 4, 1829 inauguration the first time the event was held on the East Portico of the U.S. Capitol. Previous inaugurations were indoors and invitation only. This event attracted about 10,000 out-of-towners who swelled the crowd that day to 21,000. Moderate surface wear from light use. Fine. Among the very earliest inaugural souvenirs.