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Harry Houdini - STUNNING Signed Autographed Photo, 1923

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This signed photograph of world famous magician & escape artist HARRY HOUDINI comes from an autograph album / collection of a WOR Radio employee, S. Arnold Sollie, one of the youngest radio engineers in the country at that time.  He personally collected the signatures from the celebrity guest stars as they appeared for the radio shows.  WOR Radio Station broadcast from Bamberger's Department Store in Newark, NJ during this period of time.  Signed in vintage fountain pen "Houdini Aug `23".  This piece of history has also been professionally certified authentic by the most reputable autograph authenticators in the autograph industry, James Spence Authentication (JSA).

Below is a photo from inside the album where Mr. Sollie of WOR personalized it by writing his name... please note that this album is not included, but we are showing the photo for additional provenance

As can be seen in the accompanying photos below, the autograph was signed on the same day, August 6, 1923, as Houdini's appearance at WOR.  He also signed a photograph on this date which appears in the "WOR First Sixty Years" publication also shown below.  We will include a copy of this publication with the photograph.  In this great booklet, you will read about the first employee and Chief Engineer (from 1922-1955) for WOR Jack Poppele to whom Houdini personalized the photo in the booklet to (signed on August 6, 1923)

The photo measures approx. 5" x 7" and had been previously glued into an album, thus the paper seen affixed to the back shown in photo below. Note, no paper loss from the photo itself on back, but additional paper residue from the album which could be easily removed.

This is one of the most incredible Houdini autographed photos you will ever encounter.  What makes it even more desirable is that he did NOT inscribe/personalize it to someone else (which he almost always did).   Even more exciting is he added the date "Aug  ~ 23" for August 1923.  It also comes with additional provenance including the WOR Program which exhibits Houdni's appearance on August 6, 1923.

JSA Certified and Guaranteed Authentic for Life

Before Evil Knievel, all the other daredevils and cable TV illusionists there was Harry Houdini. And ALL the rest looked up to him and followed in his footsteps.

After scanning several Houdini signed photos from one of the most respected autograph dealers in the country we have concluded this could be the most exquisite Harry Houdini signed photo ever offered for a number of reasons.

  • Most of the photos we viewed and have seen over the past 20 years of collecting do not compare to the sharp, crisp clarity of this vintage gem.
  • Secondly, most of the photos were signed in a dark area making the signature more difficult to see. This photo was signed in vintage fountain pen in a most ideal area right side of his face, on white background.
  • Most of the photos he signed he inscribed to someome. This is NOT inscribed. Plus, he added the date he signed it.
  • It comes with extraordinary provenance, the original WOR program which exhibits Houdini appearing on the program the day he signed and dated this photo, August 6, 1923.  Maybe the best provenance ever found for a Houdni autographed photo.
  • Also, this particular "bow tie" style photo, is a rarely seen portrait.  It is also unusuall sharp and crisp detail. A exceptionally gorgeous Houidini image.
  • The extraordinary stature of this item makes it an exceptionally good investment. While the value of stocks plummet the value of a historical relic like this will continue to appreciate.  Particularly, for such a historical and revered figure like Houdini

  • JSA Certified

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