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John F Kennedy Autograph Signed Thank You letter 1959

Sorry, this is sold out , but contact us for similar alternative we may have.

President John F Kennedy Autograph Signed and Jackie Kennedy
Thank You Letter
1959 Campaign Dinner Party
"Secretarial Signed"


Part of an extraordinary Kennedy collection, inlcuding both JFK and Jackie autographs. .

In November 1959 Senator John F Kenney and his wife visited Baker City Or. This collection is from the Chairman of the Democratic Central Committee and on the Organizing Committee for JFK's Campaign Dinner party. The collection also includes original autographs of BOTH JFK and Jackie acquired by Chairman Mrs. Heriza daughter (offered separately). This is a "Secretarial" (signed by one of his many secretaries) signed Thank You letter from JFK. It is accompanied by the original Official Senate envelop postmarked December 1959.

We have studied JFK's signature for many years and are highly experienced in determining authentic examples from non-authentic. This is an example of an auto-penned secretarial signed letter. It was to the original recepient of the authentic in-person JFK and Jackie autographs we have for sale.

The collection was purchased from Ms Heriza’s daughter who was 13 years old at the time of the dinner party and was the special waitress for JFK and Jackie. The daughter went on to become a successful Doctor . The daughter was the one to acquire BOTH JFK and Jackie’s autographs offered for sale on our site separately. The daughter has HANDWRITTEN and extensive FIVE PAGE letter of provenance recounting what happened that day. In the letter she mentions how she had baked a cake for the dinner and remembers the most important thing to the 13 year old was watching to see if JFK would eat her cake. Then JFK asking her for a glass of milk. She also writes about walking outside on the back deck to get away from all the activity inside. Noticing the only other person outside was Jackie and remembering how “plain she looked in her dress”.

Letter has been partially glued to a scrapbook dedicated to JFK. It could be removed, however we are leaving as is and will let the new proud owner decide if he/she wants to remove it. It looks fine as is and we see no reason the remove it.

Maybe you are not aware that MOST JFK Autographs (almost all letters) were signed by a secretary or autopen machine. Only seasoned collectors can determine the difference. We have studied and acquired an expertise on his signature over the past 20 years. There was a famous book published in 1965 based solely on the signature patterns of JFK and Jackie (who also employed a secretary to sign her name).
The original owner also amassed a large collection of artifacts from the Kennedy era including many magazines. If interested contact us.

A nice example to own as an alternative to the much more valuable and expensive original genuine JFK signed letters which can sell for as high as $5000. Also comes with the original postal envelop.

ALSO, included is an extensive letter of provenance from Ms Heriza's daughter who WAS AT the Kennedy Dinner party and met both JFK and Jackie on that historical evening of November 1959.