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Circus Poster Vintage Hagenbeck-Wallace 1930s

Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Poster
Circa 1930s

Rare Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Poster with spectacular artwork & graphics!  The first we have seen of this style.   Very good condition with some tears and slight paper los.  Would look amazing linen backed (which would also repair the tears and missing sections). 

Circus Poster (Hagenbeck-Wallace, 1930s).
Poster (28" X 41"). Miscellaneous.
Action filled stone litho circus poster nicely depicting the "Thrilling Contests and Displays" to be seen at this Wild West circus event. An unrestored poster that may be slightly brittle due to age, show paper loss or staining, edge wear, tears, creasing.  There is a 13" tear starting along the top left border into the image area with tape on the reverse