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P T BARNUM Circus Side Show Albino Family lithograph by Currier

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P T BARNUM & Bailey Circus
19th Century Side Show Albino Family lithograph by Currier & Ives

Here is one of the Only period PT Barnum Museum pieces of history you will probably ever see.   This amazing RARE Currier & Ives hand colored Stone Lithograph of Barnum side show "freaks" was published at the height of Barnum's success with his famous museum in NY City in the mid 19th Century...      And even more so now,  after last years PT Barnum movie "The Greatest Showman" more people are now familiar with his story, how he began and the devastating fire that destroyed it all.   Published about the year Abraham Lincoln was first elected president, this is truly a fantastic museum grade find!.   * See enlargeable images above and below

Rare and fantastic, original, ca1860 Currier & Ives hand colored Stone Lithograph of a P.T. Barnum's Museum / Circus Sideshow attraction known as The Madagascar Albino Family titled in full “The Wonderful Albino Family./Rudolph Lucasie, Wife and Children, from Madagascar. / They have pure White Skin, Silken White Hair and Pink Eyes!! / Have been exhibited at Barnum's Museum, N.Y. for Three Years.”.

NOTE: Although we have had a number of late 19th C circus posters over the years, we have never had a piece this early, actually published while Barnum was still alive as such material is virtually non existent.   That's why this piece is so exciting as it was published at the height of his success and most likely Barnum owned one of these lithograph prints himself.    And this being a rare item that was probably published and owned by Barnum BEFORE the PT Barnum Museum was burned down in 1865.  

    This outstanding Currier & Ives image measures approx. 12” by 18” (including large margins on each edge) and is framed in a ca1900 Oak frame. The Image is a full length group portrait of Rudolph Lucasie, his wife and their 2 children dressed as they appeared at Barnum's Museum with voluminous pure white heads of hair.

    The Lucasies, known at the Museum as "The Albino Family", were obtained in Holland by Phineas Barnum during a visit to Amsterdam in 1857. He brought them back to America where they became one of his most popular exhibits. Barnum billed them as being of black Madagascan lineage and professed that their pink eyes stayed wide open while they slept! The Lucasies were managed by long time Barnum employee Dr. Oscar Kohn. Along with other "living curiosities" in Barnum's employ they appeared in his American Museum on Broadway and offered life story pamphlets for sale along with their 15 cent carte de visite photographs.

 Condition:     This rare and original, Currier & Ives stone lithograph is in good to very good condition for its 160 years - the colors are bright and vibrant and the image area is generally clean with some spots of staining and soiling confined mostly to the large margin areas. There are, however, three significant, tight tears – two that enter the sheet from the top edge. One of these extends approx. 1” into the Image area while the other extends approx. 2” into the image area. There is a third, tight tear that enters the sheet at the center of the left hand edge and extends approx. 6” into the Image area.   However, the tears are do not detract from it's beauty, and are not noticeable unless you know they are there..   The Lithograph has not been repaired, is 100% UN-restored,  and can always be professionally  restored, if one so chooses.   We like it the way it is, as it is in better condition than any others we have seen in our 38 years collecting.  Most we have seen have sustained heavy moisture damage and staining.     * See enlargeable images above and below..

    A rare and wonderful ca1860 Currier & Ives American Circus / Sideshow Attraction image and a fantastic addition to any collection or as an accent to your Victorian decor!!!

    This print is 100% guaranteed to be an original, ca1860 printing by C&I and not a restrike, reprint or reproduction. 

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original

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