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Vintage Barnum and Bailey Circus Poster Trains Tents 1899

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Barnum and Bailey: World's Largest, Grandest, Best Amusement Institution
Original Vintage Circus Poster, 1899

Breath-taking 19th Century Barnum and Bailey circus poster for their European tour.
The artwork, typical of Strobridge Litho Company is simply stunning.  
The detail on the tents, the "Giant" sideshow, the Barnum and Bailey train cars, the crowd gathering at the entrance all make this the ultimate trip back in time experience.  Maybe not 115 years ago as when this poster was used, but certainly 30-40-50 years ago when we were kids in awe under the "Big Top".  Amazing condition for 115+ year old poster and has been professionally linen backed and looks amazing.

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Barnum and Bailey: World's Largest, Grandest, Best Amusement Institution (Strobridge Litho Co., 1899). German Language Poster (30" X 40").
At the dawn of the 20th century, America's most popular public entertainment was the traveling circus. With no radios or televisions, and motion pictures still in their early stages, the lively grandeur and pageantry of the circus captivated spellbound audiences. By the late 1800s American circuses were touring Europe. The Barnum & Bailey circus performed in England and continental Europe for five years beginning in 1897. Printed in the U.S. by the renown Strobridge Litho Company, this German language poster could potentially have been used overseas during this time. A stone litho feast for the eyes, the poster features the "Big Top" rolling into town on "100 Double Length Steel Railroad Cars," bringing with it a huge array of exotic animals from around the world. An aerial view of the twelve colossal waterproof canvas pavilions also suggests the impressive magnitude of these productions. Over one hundred years old, the poster is in astonishing condition. Tears in the upper left title and right border, and chipping in the left and bottom border have been carefully restored, resulting in an extraordinary looking, very rare piece of American nostalgia. Fine+ on Linen.

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Strobridge, the outstanding American lithography company, produced many of the best circus and Wild West advertising posters of the late 1800's and early 1900's, particularly the outstanding posters for the Barnum & Bailey Circus, "the Greatest Show on Earth." The coloration and crisp detailing of these Strobridge posters makes them instantly recognizable to advanced collectors, even the versions that were executed in other languages. That's right, Strobridge would produce posters in the U. S. for the big shows that they would take with them for use overseas

Strobridge Lithography Company BIO:
The Strobridge Lithography Company created some of the most artistically stunning posters in the 19th, and early 20th century.  In the genre of vintage posters they produced "masterpieces"!.   Strobridge was founded in Cincinnati in 1847 by Elijah Middleton and eventually bought out by one of its workers, Hines Strobridge, remaining open until 1971. Offices were located in downtown Cincinnati, Norwood, and New York City.  Strobridge was most famous for its circus posters, often producing them for The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey. Libraries and museums all over America, including the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress, hold examples of Strobridge’s “Amazing American Circus Poster.” However, because the Strobridge firm was based in Cincinnati, Cincinnatians are fortunate to be in the vicinity of many of the greatest Strobridge collections. In addition to the Archives & Rare Books Library, the Cincinnati Public Library and Cincinnati Art Museum are valuable resources for Strobridge enthusiasts.

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