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Cognac Original Antique French Advertising Lithograph Poster


Vintage Medicine Liquor French  Advertising Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
Gorgeous Original Vintage Antique French Advertising Lithograph Poster
Cognac Normandin, 1928
Artist:  Jean Raoul C. Naurac

Stunning early 20th century French Advertising Banner/Sign/Lithograph/Poster actually used to advertise Cognac Normandin in 1928 .   With spectacular artwork and particularly Rare bright colors!   Excellent condition .  Linen backed  (which is typically about $500 for this size poster). 

This French poster explains Why there are so many loyal diehard vintage French Poster Collectors.   Simply an aestehtic  masterpiece! 

Note:   What makes this particular find so special is, unlike most all the others that have appeared on the market, this special exciting find has retained its Original Bright colors.  Every other one I have ever seen in my 40 years collecting has been faded, losing most of the bright greens, reds and orange.  

* NOTE:  If you see another one of these on online, compare the condition and colors to THIS one.   You will probably notice others have Not retained their Original bright colors as this one has.  And colors is something that Cannot be restored without completely De-valuing the poster with over painted artwork and voiding its originality. 

Size: Traffic Stopping  55" X 76"  

* See enlargeable image above

You have a space in the house that demands something Extraordinary, maybe even a large space in the kitchen that will cries for Special attention!   

About five years ago we expanded our Art & Collectibles inventory to include historic antique Advertising Art from the 19th and early 20th century. In addition not only the excitement of collectible Rare Advertising that has survived for over a century,  it was the Breath-taking Art that captured our interest.  If you have ever collected 19th century French Advertising posters/lithographs you know what I’m talking about.    The aesthetic beauty of some of these promotional treasures is unmatched compared to the relatively mundane advertising  art for American products.

In particular, 19th & early 20th century liquor and medicinal signs & lithography is like the Picasso  of advertising art.

Cognac Normandin (Affiche Lakara, 1924). Very Fine on Linen. French Advertising Poster (55" X 76" ) Jean Raoul C. Naurac Artwork. Advertising.
Offered is a beautiful Art Deco style poster advertising Cognac Normandin with artwork by the French artist Jean Raoul Chaurand-Naurac. Has been professionally linen backed and looks Amazing !  A restored poster with bright color and a clean overall appearance. The poster has benefited from corrections to one or two minor tears within the left and right borders.

Note: Cvtreasures Not on original poster