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Charles Lundgren Nautical Marine USS Louisiana Painting oil


Antique Fine Art Seascape Paintings Oil Canvas Nautical Marine Ocean Painting Artwork For Sale 
American Naval Ship  USS Louisiana
Nautical Seascape Painting Oil on Canvas Board 
Artist: Charles J Lundgren (New York, Connecticut, 1911 - 1988)

Original Nautical Art use for First Day Cover!


Stunning Nautical oil painting of American Naval Ship USS Louisiana with amazing detail, depth and colors including stunning moonlit sky.    A real beauty ! Unframed. 

NOTE:  Although this work of art is NOT framed, we have included images of frames it will look amazing in.  A decorative gold molding like we have included the image above seems to highlight and magnify  the beautiful colors and detail. 

* See enlargeable images above and below

Note: Very few original Charles Lundgren's paintings appear on the market.  Most of what you will see are prints and lithographs of his paintings. This Original painting was actually used for the Naval USS Louisiana FDC Cover issued in 1987.

Charles J Lundgren (New York, Connecticut, 1911 - 1988) "USS Louisiana" Signed lower right. Original Oil painting on Masonite.

Provenance: Collection of James A. Helzer (1946-2008), Founder of Unicover Corporation.

This painting is the original painting which appeared on the Fleetwood Commemorative Cover for the U.S.S. Louisiana.  (See images below of FDC issued in 1987)

During the War of 1812, the U.S.S. Louisiana almost single-handedly saved her home port, New Orleans. Built as a merchant sloop for service on the Mississippi River, the Navy purchased the U.S.S. Louisiana in September, 1812, and immediately attached her to the New Orleans station. She remained unarmed for the first two years of the war. Then, in August 1814, she received her guns and fittings in anticipation of her role as Commodore Daniel T. Patterson's flagship. The heaviest and most powerfully armed ship in Patterson's flotilla, U.S.S. Louisiana served as a floating battery, stationed on the right bank of the Mississippi to cover any possible British attack by land or sea. By 23 December 1814, the British Army landed only nine miles below New Orleans, and Commodore Patterson ordered the U.S.S. Louisiana and U.S.S. Carolina to attack downriver in much needed support of General Jackson's troops. After disabling the U.S.S. Carolina, the British moved forward on the 28th, but U.S.S. Louisiana's heavy battery forced them back, firing nearly eight hundred rounds. Fighting alone, she dropped farther downriver on the 30th, and continued inflicting damage on the British Army. By sunset on 8 January 1815, the British retreated, thoroughly defeated and New Orleans saved. That evening, a grateful General Jackson paid tribute to the efforts of the U.S.S. Louisiana.

Overall Size: 20.5 x 21.75 in.

The Fleetwood / Unicover Corporation produced this beautiful limited edition set of 50 State related covers for Great Fighting Ships of the United States. Each cover is cancelled in the Capital City of the State, and during the yeasr 1986 or 1987. The covers are cacheted using the beautiful original paintings by the artist Charles Lundgrenl. The Art depicts each Naval Vessel at Sea. Each cover offers a full description of the Ship and its' History on the reverse side.

These First Day Covers are available on eBay.   Imagine Owning the original artwork for these FDCs?

Artist BIO:

Charles Lundgren American 1911 - 1988

Fine marine painting is much more than the illustration of ship and water. It is the evocation of salt and tar, wind and sail, the light, the movement of water ... the affinity of man and sea. As an experienced yachtsman, historian of the sea, as well as an acclaimed marine artist, Charles Lundgren captured this complex harmony in his paintings.

Looking every bit the part of the ancient mariner, himself, Lundgren's love and respect for deep water was reflected in every painting. Combined with his consummate skill as an artist, this resulted in marine painting at its finest. Study at the New York School of Fine and Applied Art (Parsons), the Paris School of Fine and Applied Art, as well as schools in Germany and Italy, plus extensive travel throughout Europe and Africa enabled Lundgren to develop his talents and perfect his technique.

One art critic praised him with these words: "He is, in my eyes, much more than a painter of the sea. He is a believer in it. A historian of the days when men reached new continents by sail and stars alone."   Lundgren's painting skills were sought by individuals --- he often painted "portraits" of the boats and ships owned by the rich and the famous --- as well as museums and companies.

But, I am most fascinated with well executed Marine/Nautical art that has a fascinating historical connection.  Which is why this Stamp First Day Issue collection by Charles Lundgren is so captivating. 

Not suprisingly, his works were acquired for such collections of Huntington Hartford, J.P. Morgan, Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower, John Wayne, Pegeen Fitzgerald, Cornelius Walsh, George Jensen and Eric Sloane.

Sales History:
In November 2006 Lundgren's painting Race Day In Bermuda, sold for $18,000. 

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original