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Keith Reynolds Painting Oil on Canvas Board Nautical Art Victori


Antique Fine Art Seascape Paintings Oil Canvas Nautical Marine Ocean Painting Artwork For Sale 
"Schooner Victoria"
Nautical Seascape Painting Oil on Canvas Board 
Artist: Keith Reynolds (b 1929..)

Original Nautical Art used for Postage Stamp!



Stunning oil nautical painting of Schooner Victoria with amazing detail, depth, colors and enchanting images of several crew members on deck.   A real beauty ! Unframed. 

Note: Very few original Keith Reynolds paintings appear on the market.  Most of what you will see are prints and lithographs of his paintings.  This Original painting was actually used for the Marshall Islands stamp issued May 5, 1995.

Note: Keith Reynolds art galleries are selling works this size and this subject matter for $10, 000 +..   But, those are Not the actual artwork for commissioned pieces used on postage stamps as this one !   AND, be VERY Vigilant as Keith Reynolds artwork is Gaining in popularity in the US and Japan !   "He who hesitates...."

*NOTE:  Although this work of art is NOT framed, we have included images of frames it will look amazing in.  A decorative gold molding like we have included the image above seems to highlight and magnify  the beautiful colors and detail. 

Note:  While researching I found an Art Gallery that represents Keith Reynolds work.   Most all of the paintings listed were $9500.  And none were of the exceptional quality as this extraordinary nautical seascape 18th century battle ship.


Keith Reynolds (American, B. 1929) "Schooner Victoria" Signed lower right. Original Oil painting on Canvas Board.

Provenance: Collection of James A. Helzer (1946-2008), Founder of Unicover Corporation.

*This painting originally appeared on the Republic of the Marshall Islands $3.00 Schooner Victoria stamp issued May 5, 1995.

Records show that on May 31, 1834, the crew of the Schooner Victoria, in search of provisions, came ashore at Bikini atoll in the Ralik chain of the Marshall Islands. After two days, however, the crew came under attack and the captain was killed. Subsequently, the Victoria set sail on June 3. Naval research reveals that two vessels by the name of "Victoria" apparently sailed the seas during this same time period. Both were connected with the business of whaling. This same source also suggests that the schooner shown here most likely had a displacement of more than 350 tons.

Overall Size: 20 x 24 in.
* Design your own custom  frame presentation and you have the masterpiece Seascape for your home!

* See enlargeable images above and below

Keith L. Reynolds has been actively painting since 1961. He is an award winning member of the Society of Illustrators, New York, where he has been a member since 1964.  Mr. Reynolds was born in Seattle, WA in 1929 and spent the early years of his life on Puget Sound plying its waters on the fishing boats, tugs and ferries that later would become the subjects of his paintings.  He studied fine art at the University of Oregon, and upon graduation served in the military in the Sea of Japan.  He returned to school at the Art Center College of Design to gain a BA in Professional Arts.

His work has been exhibited internationally, his paintings and prints enjoying great popularity in the far east.   Most recently he has attended annual exhibitions of his work in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe. His work has appeared editorially in such publications as Yacht Digest in Milano, Italy, Boat Now, Japan, and Sail and The Yacht magazines in the USA. Now, his primary areas of interest are the shores, waters and craft of New England, the Chesapeake, Nova Scotia and Florida - thought trips to Greece, England, the Far East and the Continent have culminated in well-received prints and canvases.

Since publishing his first limited edition serigraph in 1980, Mr. Reynolds has gained international recognition for his prints and posters. His "Duel," the official America's Cup poster (1983) is one of the most popular marine pieces ever issued and is considered a classic.  His affiliation with The Cup continued through 1995, including 1987 when he produced the official commemorative print for the Royal Perth Yacht Club, as well as official posters for "The Americans" syndicates.

A recent review in the Baltimore Sun said "Mr. Reynolds paints clean, highly detailed portraits of turn-of-the-century and modern yachts poised starkly before a blend of sea and sky....his sleek craft seem to cut through like a knife." Another reviewer once noted, "There is an obvious fascination (in Reynolds' work) with the vast planes of light and space of the sea."

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original painting