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Stunning Seascape Schooner Sail Boat Oil Canvas Painting J Clark


Antique Fine Art Seascape Paintings Oil Canvas Nautical Marine Ocean Painting Artwork For Sale 
J. Clark
Vintage Nautical Seascape Oil Painting on Canvas 
White-hulled Barkentine/Schooner Clipper at Sea

Artist:  British Artist J. Clark 1895c 

About 6-7 years ago we acquired another breath-taking Schooner Painting by this artist and never forgot how spectacular it was.  Hence,  we are delighted to have acquired this magnificent work by artist "J Clark".    Little is known about this artist who never signed his first name,  but we've seen few schooner style paintings of this high quality and talent.    Just take a look at this artists's skill in formulating the colors and tonality in the sky, water and Schooner's sail like Few artists can do..   
  * See enlargeable images above and below.

Size: 20" x 24". Framed 26" x 30"
Date: Based on stretcher around 1910-30 

Mid 20th Century - Circa 1920

A white-hulled barkentine Clipper at sea. Signed lower left "J. Clark". 
Oil on canvas, 20" x 24". Framed 26" x 30".

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