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Currier & Ives Hand-colored Engraving of Central Park 1862


Currier & Ives Hand-colored Engraving of Central Park
Original 19th Century Vintage Lithograph, 1862
"Central Park, NY City 1862"

Beautiful and Very Rare Framed Currier & Ives Hand-colored Engraving of Central Park, America, mid-19th century,

Size:  11 3/4" x 16 1/4"..
  Comes Unframed

The New York firm of N. Currier, later Currier & Ives, lithographed 4,300 subjects from 1835 to 1907 for distribution all over the Americas and seaboard Europe. They offered images of almost everything animal, vegetable, or mineral in the United States, including views of the citizens enjoying their freedoms. The pictures generally were drawn on lithographic stones in prim outlines and, once printed on paper, were handed to the industry of women at home who filled in the scenes with watercolors.  Very good condition with expected border wear.  Bottom border has copyright info and dated 1862..  See enlargeable images above and below

Nathaniel Currier (1813-1888) and James Merritt Ives (1824-1895) were partners in the firm of Currier and Ives, the most important 19th-century lithographic company in America. Their prints were widely sold across the nation. Nathaniel Currier, born in Roxbury, Mass., was apprenticed in his teens to a Boston lithographic firm. He established his own lithography business in New York City in 1835. The lithographer James Ives, born in New York City, entered into partnership with Currier in 1857. Currier retired in 1888, Ives a few years later; but the firm was carried on by their sons and flourished until 1907. Lithography had begun in America in the 1820s. It was quicker and less expensive than engraving, hence the remarkable success of the firm of Currier and Ives. Soon after setting up business they produced extensive folios, usually based on paintings. Some of the work was crude, but the quality varied considerably.

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