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Louisa M. Gibson Pratt 19th Century Drawings and Watercolor


Louisa M. Gibson Pratt (1858-1910)
19th Century Illustration Artist
Extraordinary Watercolor



Extraordinary 19th century watercolor from this incredibly talented illustration artist. Louisa M. Gibson Pratt is a listed artist and can be found in Unfortunately her work appears on the market VERY RARELY. As far as we know from extensive research, this is the only Watercolor to appear on the market for this artist. AND, what a breathtaking watercolor it is at that. But, we will let you judge for yourself with the enlargeable images above and below.

Also, our research via Google indicates there is a connection or relationship with Charles Gibson, of "The Gibson Girls" fame.

This Rare stunning watercolor on board .. The watercolor is an illustration for “The Sea Princess’ Children” (and is identified as such in writing on the back), a 19th century children’s book. It is simply, breath-taking ! Watercolor Signed lower left in her monogram style signature "LMGP".  

Size: 17x24" unframed.  About 20x27" framed 

Note: We also have five large chalk illustrations of glamorous women from this artist ...