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Historic Photography

The Joy of Collecting History

About 12 years ago I discovered a passion for collecting original vintage photography. Not reproductions of historical figures and events , but the original photo actually taken and produced at the same time of the event. It began with vintage baseball wire photos. The actual photos used for publication. Like a 1918 babe Ruth photo, taken and produced in 1918, as a Boston Red Sox pitcher. Then it was vintage Hollywood photos, notorious gangster  photos, etc,  etc. I just find it exciting to own a genuine, time-period photo that captured someone or something incredibly historical when that event actually occurred!

So, it is no surprise to me that a very noticeable surge in the Original-Photography genre has been going on for the past couple years.   Values and interest have skyrocketed.  But, in the past few months, this excitement in photography collecting has been even more amazing. Here is just one example. A very well known photography dealer has 3 or 4 auctions a year. His primary focus was always vintage baseball. But a few years ago he started to move increasingly into vintage Hollywood, gangsters and science. But classic sports always dominated his auctions. Until Last week . Below was the top 15 photos sold. Notice that in the top 15 four photos are sports related and one is space related and a staggering NINE are vintage Hollywood. Also, take a look at WHO sold far better than anyone else…. Something to keep an eye on in the near and long term future. 


Babe Ruth 1921 photo                        Sold for $4600
Marilyn Monroe original 1954 photo    .Sold for: $2358
Mickey Mantle photo from 1957   .......Sold for: $1725
Mickey Mantle photo from 1951   .......Sold for: $1675
Vietnam Photo 1972  ........................Sold for: $1553
Marilyn Monroe original 1962 photo    Sold for : $1526
Marilyn Monroe original 1956 photo   .Sold for: $1403
Apollo 13 Space Photo 1968  ...........Sold for : $1380
Marilyn Monroe original 1951photo ....Sold for : $1257
Mickey Mantle photo from 1954 ........Sold for : $1225
Greta Garbo photo    ........................Sold for : $1190
Elvis Presley photo ..........................Sold for : $1136
Beatles 1964 photo ..........................Sold for : $1136
Marilyn Monroe original 1951 photo .. Sold for $1059
Marilyn Monroe original 1957 photo  ..Sold for: $1036

Meanwhile, take a look at our Vintage Photo Collection for some amazing historical photography. ...we have over 200 rare vintage photos, so be sure to see them all..

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I looked at many sites, but this one is in a league of its own. Great merchandise and customer service. Look no further for vintage memorabilia.

Amazing Treasures AND Customer Service - 5 STARS !

I am so glad I found Conway's Vintage Treasures online. My only regret is that no one told me about it sooner!! A class act!