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RHYTHM & WEEP Three 3 Stooges Original Vintage Photo

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Three 3 Stooges Original Vintage Classic Film Posters Photos Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
"RHYTHM & WEEP", 1946
Original Vintage Columbia Short Promotional TYPE I Keywbook Photo Still (8x10)
Starring The Three Stooges:  Moe, Curly, Larry

Photographer:  Christie

Very rare original vintage promotional Columbia Keybook photo still. Excellent condition with great provenance on reverse in the form of studio and photographer stamps on reverse.  

Note that ANY movie paper from this 1946 Stooges Columbia classic is incredibly rare. We have never previously had anything from this movie until we received this still! Also note that this still is a key book still, printed on a deluxe heavyweight paper stock. Many studios spent extra money to have their most special photos, the key book stills, either backed with linen or printed on a heavy paper, both of which enhanced their durability. They had an extra 1" at the left or top, with punch holes, because of how they were stored. Key book stills are far more rare than regular stills, which has increased their popularity among collectors, since only a few keybooks were manufactured per film, and a key book still is guaranteed to be authentic.

Back has extraordinary provenance including dated studio stamp, studio snipe and Columbia photographer stamp.  Very good-excellent condition 

* See enlargebale images above and below

The Stooges play the roles of unsuccessful actors who have decided to end it all by jumping off a skyscraper. On top of the building, they discover three girls with an unsuccessful dancing act who have also decided to jump. The Stooges immediately fall in love with the girls. The six distraught lovers are still planning to jump when they suddenly hear piano music playing. They leave the ledge to go find the source of the music. On a lower floor they discover a piano-playing millionaire who is looking for a talented act. He promises them a significant amount of money if they are good. Their act is a success with the millionaire, who doubles their salaries and says, "The way I throw my money around, I bet you think I'm crazy!" As if on cue, two men in white coats come to take him back to an asylum.

Curly's Illness:

Rhythm and Weep was filmed on April 23–26, 1946, the penultimate entry produced featuring Curly Howard as a member of the Stooges.

The 42-year-old comedian had suffered a series of minor strokes over the previous 16 months prior to filming, and his performances had been unpredictable. By the time of Rhythm and Weep, he had lost a considerable amount of weight, and lines had creased his face.

While director Edward Bernds devised ways to cover his illness, Jules White simply gave most of Curly's lines to Larry. In fact, Curly was so ill during production that he could no longer remember what few lines he had. Moe's son-in-law Norman Maurer was present during filming, and recalled Curly was hurting. "He was having trouble with his coordination," recalled Maurer. "He was supposed to pop pills in his mouth during the (doctor's office) scene, but the scene was switched to Moe putting the pills into Curly's mouth because of Curly's physical problems.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original