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Jimmie Foxx Rare TYPE I Baseball Photo Picture 1942


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Jimmie Foxx
Rare TYPE I Baseball Photo Picture, 1942

Classic Sport/Baseball lovers - Feast your eyes on this Beauty!

Spectacular vintage TYPE I photo of Jimmie Foxx in his most famous legendary position, swing a bat.   Extraordinary high quality on this Type I photo with gorgeous vintage sepia tone and terrific close up of Babe eyeing his connection in the bleachers.

Note: Although you'll see relatively several Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig Type I photos, Jimmie Foxx is much more Rare, and vintage photos like these are of utmost scarcity and rarely appear on the market !!   Has original World Wide Photos press stamp on back, along with a later date stamp

You don't see many like this !   A must have for the serious classic sports, baseball and Jimmie Foxx collector

* See enlargeable images above and below

Jimmie Foxx was a beast! Most people think of him as a slugger with the Philadelphia A's, but some might even remember that he was traded to the Red Sox where he continued to slam balls out of the ballpark. What nobody remembers is that he spent parts of two seasons near the end of his career with the Chicago Cubs. Largely forgotten by newer stars entering the game, images of Foxx in uniform with Chicago are almost impossible to find with this being the ONLY example from the 1942 team we have ever seen. A fantastic and rare piece of baseball history issued by the Wide World Photo company and in nice shape overall.

Size: 6.5x8.5
Designation: Vintage 1

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original photo