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Aviation Historic Vintage Photo, 1911


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Historic Vintage Aviation Photo, 1911


Amazing Vintage Original Type I photo from the 1911 International Aviation Meet in Chicago.  Excellent condition.
* See enlargeable images above and below. 

Note:  Although there are images online for the event we could not find another photo with this exact stunning aerial perspective 

1911 "International Aviation Meet", Sweeping Panoramic Photo from Grant Park (Chicago)

1911 Panoramic style photograph of the International Aviation Meet in Chicago at Grant Park. An amazing early photograph in great shape that is surely the earliest of it's kind out there. Most of these were still Wright Brothers planes at the time and the industry of aviation was still in it's infancy!

Size: 3.5x6.75
Designation: Vintage 1

NOte: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original photo