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BABE RUTH is Dead Photo 1948 Vintage TYPE I photo


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1948 Original Photo YANKEE STADIUM - BABE RUTH is DEAD

TYPE I Photo


Striking image as young boy says Goodbye to Babe!

A Vintage 1948 ORIGINAL Type I News Service Photo issued by the Acme Newspictures depicting a touching scene of a man holding his son so he can get a peak at Babe Ruth who passed away. Ruth and his casket laid at Yankee Stadium that special day of August 17, 1948 as fans of all ages pay their final respects to their hero at ‘The House that HE Built’. Original press stamp and caption with date on the verso of this 7” x 9” photograph. There was not another like him, before or since.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original

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