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Freaks Vintage Still Photo 1932 Main stars and Freaks

"Freaks", 1932
Original Vintage Still Photo

Incredible high contrast original 1932 photo of the sideshow people in the highly controversial "Freaks".  One of the best quality photos we have seen for this film, not to mention the desirable subject matter .  Very Scarce !  Very good condition.

Great scene with the two main characters and sideshow people.

Freaks (MGM, 1932). Photo  (8x10").
One of the most banned films of all time, this story of circus freak show denizens was originally to star Victor McLaglen and Jean Harlow. They turned it down because of the horrid subject matter, a feeling shared by MGM head Irving Thalberg. Even director Tod Browning had nightmares as the film was shooting with real deformed circus performers. Any paper from this film is very rare, especially the original 1932 release, like this vintage gelatin silver, single weight, glossy photo.

* Conway’s Vintage stamp NOT on original photo


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