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Great Escape Original Vintage Still Photo Steve McQueen


Original Classic Old Vintage Film Theater Movie Posters Photos Steve McQueen Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
"The Great Escape,1963
Original Vintage Promotional Still Photo (8x10")
Starring Steve McQueen

"The Famous Baseball/Cell scene"

Amazing Vintage Photo

You’ve seen the movie and you’ve forever remember this particular scene.   McQueen’s unbearable experience in solitary confinement,  temporarily maintaining his sanity with a ball and glove.   The of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history. And this photo is a Genuine Original  Vintage 1963.  Excellent condition with superb clarity and detail.  The BEST we’ve ever seen from this film !  Has Press date stamp on the back

* See enlargeable images above and below 


 1963 Steve McQueen, "The Great Escape" Baseball Studio Photo

1963 Fantastic studio photograph of actor Steve McQueen from one of his greatest film roles in "The Great Escape." One of his most famous studio stills, this is a high grade work of Hollywood history!   

"Great Escape" was released on July 4, 1963.  

Size: 7.5x9.5
Designation: Vintage 1

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original photo