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He Cooked His Goose Three 3 Stooges Keybook Still Photo 1952


Three 3 Stooges Original Vintage Classic Film Posters Photos Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
"He Cooked His Goose", 1952
Original Vintage Columbia Short Promotional TYPE I Photo Still (8x10)
Starring The Three Stooges: Moe, Shemp, Larry

Photographer:  William (Edward) Cronenweth

Very rare original vintage promotional Columbia Keybook photo still. Excellent condition with great provenance on reverse in the form of studio and photographer stamps on reverse.  Choice photo still taken by renown Hollywood photographer Edward Cronenweth.   Note: very little original paper for this title has ever surfaced.  For example, after extensive research no lobby cards have ever appeared on the market and only one other photo has ever been sold. 
 * See enlargeable images above and below 

"He Cooked His Goose", the 1952 Jules White slapstick comedy short ("The boys need rumpus room when the love'n laughter bug bites them!"; "A Columbia Short-Subject Presentation"; in this entry, Larry is cheating with Moe's wife, and he is also after Shemp's fiancee; he comes up with a complicated plan to have Moe and Shemp think that each is cheating with the other's girl, but of course, everything backfires and Larry gets his just desserts) starring The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Shemp Howard), Mary Ainslee, Angela Stevens, and Theila Darin.

Note on Keybook Photos:
This still is a Rare key book still, printed on a deluxe heavyweight paper stock. Many studios spent extra money to have their most special photos, the key book stills, either backed with linen or printed on a heavy paper, both of which enhanced their durability. They had an extra 1" at the left or top, with punch holes, because of how they were stored. Key book stills are far more rare than regular stills, which has increased their popularity among collectors, since only a few keybooks were manufactured per film, and a key book still is guaranteed to be authentic. Someone trimmed away the extra 1" from the left of the still, which was NOT part of the photo but the extra margins added for Keybook holes.   The photo itself as you can see from the enlargeable image, not affected. .

Photographer Bio:

Edward Cronenweth was born in Wilkensburg, Pennsylvania in 1903, his father owned a camera shop. The family eventually relocated to Los Angeles and while attending high-school in 1918 young William began working for Famous Players-Lasky as a cameraman's assistant. At age 17 was hired by Universal Pictures worked on The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923) starring Lon Chaney. In 1926 Cronenweth accepted a job as a still photographer at Warner Brothers Which led to more work with Paramount as well as Universal. By 1928, Cronenweth had begun working exclusively with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and for the next 10 years he regularly shot film stills as well as star portraits for MGM.

By 1942 Cronenweth was one of the most recognizable photographers working in Hollywood and he decided to accept a position with Columbia Pictures that would last for more than 15 years. During his time with Columbia, Cronenweth photographed many of Hollywood's biggest stars but he developed special relationships with Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford. The two actors selected Cronenweth as their favorite still photographer and he shot some of their best portraits. Cronenweth's photos encapsulate the contrary elements that Hayworth so often brought to the screen.

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