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Help Beatles Original Vintage Still Photo 1965


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HELP, 1965
Original Vintage Still Photo (8x10")  
The Beatles, John, Paul, George & Ringo on Stage!


Although we've acquired several of the original lobby cards for this iconic film over the years, it is more rare to come across original promotional photo stills (aka Mini Lobby Cards).  Great vintage photo and the best image of the Beatles on Stage.   Ideal frame size (8x10")....  Of course this is the photo everyone wants ot pwn !

* See enlargeable image above

Note: We recently acquired 10 of these "HELP" original vintage photos. 

Description: Help!, the classic 1965 Richard Lester English The Beatles rock 'n' roll (rock and roll) music comedy ("'Help! I'm kidnapped!'"; "'Help! I'm lost on a tropic island!'"; "'Help! I'm surrounded by women!'"; "'Help! Keep our city clean!'"; "Stop Worrying! 'Help!' Is on the way!"; "The Colorful Adventures of THE BEATLES are more Colorful than ever... In COLOR!"; "HELP yourself to seven great new Beatle hits!"; "Story by Marc Behm") starring The Beatles (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr), Eleanor Bron, Victor Spinetti, Roy Kinnear, Leo McKern, John Bluthal, and Patrick Cargill

 Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original