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Hindenburg Original Vintage Antique Photo Maiden Voyage 1936


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Hindenburg, 1936
Incredible Original Vintage Photo
"Maiden Voyage of Famed Nazi Airship"


Stunning Original Type I photo of the iconic Hindenburg

Lost in the tragic story of the Hindenburg is the acclaim and popularity of the monster ship during it's first year of service (1936) before it burst into flames in the worst disaster in aviation history. Here is the beautiful ship after arriving in the United States on it's maiden voyage across the Atlantic! Dated on the back from may 17, 1936, the image is dominated by the huge swastika flags on the tail rudders. Curious onlookers swarm the ship and an NBC car is there to broadcast the event over the radio. Issued by the International News, this is the only image from the Hindenburg's maiden voyage we have ever seen and this is a beauty!  Excellent condition with date stamp on back. 

* See enlargeable images above and below

Size: 7.5x9.5
Designation: Vintage Type 1

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on Original