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John Dillinger Original Vintage Escape TYPE I Photo 1934


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John Dillinger
Original Vintage Escape-Eve TYPE I Photo, 1934

One of the last known photos of John Dillinger alive.   A day after this photo was taken on February 9, 1934 Dillinger would escape from jail.  Five months later on July 1934 he would be fatally shot.    An extraordinary crisp historic Original Type 1 photo of the notorious outlaw.
Great provenance on back with dated International News stamp and with a full Dated paper caption on the back.

* See enlargeable images above and below

1934 John Dillinger, "American Gangster Held at Crown Point Jail" On the Eve of Great Escape

Rare 1934 photograph of Gangster John Dillinger photographed with Frank Eyman at the famed Crown Point Jail. At the time this photo was taken, Dillinger was hoping for his release on the grounds of being a "Reputable Citizen of Tucson, Arizona". Dillinger, as we know, would escape from the Jail in Crown Point and ultimately be gunned down on the Streets of Chicago. Beautiful photograph issued by the International News and with a full Dated paper caption on the back. The photo is exceptionally clear and bold with some creasing and a few pinholes from editorial use.
Size: 6.5x8.5
Designation: Vintage 1

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original photo