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Man from Planet X Original Vintage Sci Fi Studio Photo 1951


Original Vintage Classic Film Horror Sci Fi Movie Theater Posters For Sale
The Man from Planet X, 1951
Original Vintage Sci Fi Studio Photo STill (8x10") 


Very Rare & Desirable vintage studio press release photo from this popular 1951 Sci Fi classic.  

* See enlargeable image above


The Man from Planet X (United Artists, 1951). Photo Still (8" X 10").
At the dawn of the Golden Age of science fiction in the 1950s cinema, director Edgar G. Ulmer gave us this intelligent story about an alien who crashes on Earth, and only wants to continue on his journey before he's hunted down by mankind. The film was important in the history of science fiction as one of the earliest "alien" films ever made, appearing the same year as The Day the Earth Stood Still, another film that depicted the aliens as friendly and mankind as the aggressor. Starring Robert Clarke, Margaret Field and Raymond Bond

Vintage 1951 Studio Promo Photos from this highly desirable 1950s SCi Fi are particularly scarce.  And this is unquestionably one of the best. If not THE best, ever produced. 

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