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MIGHTY JOE YOUNG Original Vintage photo still Lion


Original Vintage 8.25x10" photo publicity still, 1949
Special effects
scene with the ape by lion in wagon!


Fantastic 1949 Vintage still photo of Mighty Joe Young like you've never seen before. For the first time we see the REAL Joe in these vintage photo images.   All the movie posters for this film had only animated images of Joe, never an actual photo.   Excellent condition with expected age related toning.    Terrific Rare vintage find!  The first we have seen in our 37 years collecting!

* See enlargeable image above

NOTE: We just acquired Three RARE Original photos from this Sci Fi classic. 

Film Description: Mighty Joe Young, the classic 1949 Ernest B. Schoedsack fantasy animal gorilla ape thriller ("Striking! Startling! Staggering!"; "Merian Cooper's amazing adventure in the unusual!"; "Staggering sensation! Electrifying excitement!"; "The ten most terrific thrills ever pictured"; "The cyclonic cavalcade of electrifying sensations that makes your eyes pop out and your heart skip a beat!"; produced by John Ford & Merian C. Cooper; with special effects by Ray Harryhausen, in his first movie, and "Technical Creator Willis O'Brien", creator of King Kong) starring Terry Moore, Ben Johnson, Robert Armstrong, Frank McHugh, Douglas Fowley, Paul Guilfoyle, Nestor Paiva, and Pat Barton. Note that Ray Harryhausen was sadly not given any credit on the posters for this movie, likely because he was unknown at this time, but Willis O'Brien was credited, no doubt in the hopes that people would remember him from King Kong!

Here’s why original vintage publicity photos actually used to promote the films original release are sometimes more exciting and desirable then the movie posters. 

1.  The images are usually unique and Only captured by studio photographers specifically for promotional/publicity still photos and were not on any movie posters.  i.e. like our recently acquired “Mighty Joe Young” photos which capture the REAL “Joe”.   Only animated images were used in the movie posters and lobby cards. Never an actual photo of Joe!
2.  They are often dated and some have extensive provenance on the back in the form of studio stamps, photographer stamps, period newspaper clippings, etc.
3. The images are often sharper than the posters .
4. Perfect 8x10” size for framing and matting, shipping as gifts.  For example,  ideal for displaying with a historical relic like an autograph..

NOTE: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original photo