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Rufus Anson sixth plate daguerreotype circa 1850s


Vintage 19th Century Photography Daguerreotypes
Rufus Anson sixth plate Daguerreotype
Circa 1850s



Rufus Anson sixth plate daguerreotype of a man holding large top hat, mat stamped ''Anson 589 Broadway.'

This extraordinary daguerreotype is remarkable for the sophistication of its composition and the technical proficiency with which it was made. Within its diminutive package it delivers a great amount of detail and offers an intimate view of a distinguished man holding a large Abe Lincoln style era top hat.

The mat stamped with credit and ‘Anson 589 Broadway’ suggests not only the authorship of this plate but also that it was made within New York City. Rufus Anson (B. 1822, active circa 1851-1866) was in business by July 1851 at 633 Broadway and had moved to 589 Broadway by 1853. According to Craig’s Daguerreian Registry
, Anson remained at his Broadway location making daguerreotypes for over a decade and was noted for employing 15 camera operators by 1860 (Vol. 2, p. 15). He is not known to have practiced outside of New York City .  His daguerreotypes have sold for thousands $$

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