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Teddy Roosevelt "Rough Riders" Historic Antique Photo


Antique Historic Photos Photography
"Rough Riders" led by Teddy Roosevelt
Historic Photo, 1910


Simply Amazing Original Vintage  Historic photo of  Teddy Roosevelt and his famed "Rough Riders"   Historic Original photos like this just rarely ever appear on the market.    Issued by the famous late 19th/early 20th Century photographers Underwood and Underwood.   Has the original Underwood and Underwood stamps on back.   This photo is a circa 1910 restrike from the original 1898 negative. 
* See enlargeable images above and below

Underwood and Underwood company was founded in 1881 in Ottawa, Kansas, by two brothers, Elmer Underwood (born Fulton County, Illinois 1859 - died St. Petersburg, Florida 1947) and Bert Elias Underwood (born in Oxford, Illinois 1862 - died Tucson, Arizona 1943). They moved to Baltimore and then to New York City in 1891.

1898 Incredibly rare photograph of the famed "Rough Riders" led by Teddy Roosevelt and General Woods (both are pictured in background to right) the men spend a moment in prayer before heading off to battle. A fantastic image from Underwood and Underwood and stamped on the back, this is a famous stereo view card but this is the only original photographic print we have ever seen!  Re-struck about ten years after the original, it has the look of the 1898 example.

Size: 7.25x9.25
Designation: Vintage Type 3 

Note: Cvtreasures stamp no ton original