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Elvis Presley NBC Television Christmas Promotional Program 1968


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Elvis Presley
Christmas Special 1968
Original NBC Promotional Booklet 




By now you’ve probably have seen (or at least heard about it)  the sensational new ELVIS movie about the relationship he had with his controversial manager "Col" Tom Parker.   

Madman or Marketing Mastermind?    See the movie and decide for yourself..  

Here is one of the actual Promotional Booklets Col Parker prepared for distribution to media outlets across the country. 

About 15 years ago we acquired from an Elvis Presley auction two sets of Original Unused Mint condition Elvis Christmas promotional booklets that were sent to media outlets all over the country.    The booklets included all the radio and TV networks that were broadcasting Elvis 1967 and 1968 Christmas specials.   This is for the 1968 Christmas Special Booklet.  

Condition:  Mint UNUSED!

Rare Original 1968 Christmas Special Promotional Booklet.   First time we have seen one of these.  Acquired from the estate of Elvis Concert Manager Al Dvorin.  We also have one of these from his 1967 Christmas Special

This was Never available for purchase and was for TV and radio stations ONLY, hence why it is so rare. 

* See enlargeable images above 

 In addition to all the networks, it also dedicated pages to promoting Elvis’s albums and movies.  No doubt a brain child of the showman marketer (carnival barker, snowman) Tom Parker, these booklets even included on the back cover “Sincerely, Elvis and The Colonel”.  The 1968 Christmas Special Booklet even said on the first page , “This booklet was prepared under the direction of the Colonel”.  

Of course if you’ve seen the new Elvis biopic movie you know Tom Parker  (played by Tom Hanks) had both a sensational and detrimental effect on Elvis’s career and personal life.   He apparently had a very Dark side to him.   But, it’s hard to deny Parker was a natural salesman and is the one who created the Elvis Brand.   And these booklets are evidence of Parker’s signature Elvis Marketing mastermind.  

In the new Elvis movie you see the long segment that captures him recording his Christmas Special in 1967/68.   This is the Original Publicity Booklet used to promote that Christmas Special.   An unquestionable and exciting piece of genuine entertainment and Elvis History ! 

Although some of these have appeared on the market a rare occasion, we believe these are the only ones that were Unused and survived for over 50 years in like new condition.

Size:  4x9” closed, 8x9” opened

Elvis Presley NBC Television Special Promotional Booklet (1968).
The Colonel didn't miss many opportunities to promote his prized client, and it was never more evident than around Christmastime! In this case, the milestone '68 Comeback Concert afforded an extra-special opportunity, since it was scheduled during the holiday season. The 28-page booklet promotes the Singer-sponsored TV special on the front cover and devotes several pages inside listing the radio stations nationwide that would broadcast Elvis' half-hour Christmas program. Elvis' latest movies and catalog of recordings are promoted as well in this attractive booklet. And while copies aren't all that common, Al Dvorin managed to save a few, and we're offering a Mint copy here! From the Al Dvorin Estate.

BIO From Al Dvorin Wiki page:
Albert Dvorin (18 November 1922 in Chicago, Illinois - 22 August 2004 near Ivanpah, California) was an American bandleader and talent agent who coined the phrase "Elvis has left the building."

Dvorin met Elvis Presley through Colonel Tom Parker in 1955, and organized Presley's concert tours for the next 22 years. After Presley's death, Dvorin kept a low profile, attending Elvis conventions only after Parker's death.

Presley's Estate never gave Dvorin any royalties from his famous phrase, causing him to hold some animosity towards the organization.

From a newspaper article in 2004:
The announcer who coined the legendary phrase "Elvis has left the building" has died at 81 - killed in a car crash on his way home from an Elvis convention in California. Al Dvorin was a former band leader and talent agent in Chicago when he met Elvis Presley in 1955.

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