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Anchors Aweigh Frank Sinatra Original Lobby Card 55-3


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"Anchors Aweigh" 1945
Original Lobby Card movie poster (11x14”)
Starring Frank Sinatra & Gene Kelly


Great vintage  lobby card from the 1955 Theatrical  Re-release of this 1945 classic, with a terrific graphics and movie credits.  Exceptional graphics and color on this vintage  card movie poster.    *Some of the lobby cards are unique to the 1955 release lobby card set as they never appeared in the 1945 set.

Very Good-Excellent condition with expected border wear..

Note: Prior to about 1980 most movie theaters across the country would display in their lobby a set of eight lobby cards which typically included one coveted Title Card (had similar art and credits as the one sheet) and seven scene lobby cards.

* See enlargeable image above

We recently acquired about ten vintage lobby cards for the vintage film, along with about ten vintage theatrical promotional still photos.  See them listed here on CVTreasures

In their first film together, Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra are two sailors who use their leave time to pursue Kathryn Grayson, entertain a young boy, and dance, dance, dance... Highlights include Sinatra singing "I Fall in Love Too Easily" and Kelly's Mexican hat dance and duet with Jerry the mouse.

MGM was intent on making the most of its hot new properties Kelly and Sinatra in this affable sailor saga. The stars' characters were created with maximum screen impact in mind, and were to be retained (with minor adjustments) in "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" and "On The Town". Gene Kelly plays Joe "Sea Wolf" Brady, the twinkle-eyed Irish womanizer who never quite seems to get a woman. Clarence "Brooklyn" Doolittle, Sinatra's screen persona, was put together as a blatant attempt to pander to his bobbysoxer following. He is the bashful, slightly geek ingénue, pushing his cuteness for all it's worth - "the romantical type fella".

"Anchors Aweigh" set the pattern for a whole assembly line of MGM musicals to come, and one could almost say it established an art-form. Kelly did the choreography, and his first-ever 'dream ballets', two of them, are on display here - the famous pas de deux with Jerry The Mouse, and the Zorro interlude. The dance sequences are brimming with innovative ideas - mixing human action with animation, artistic use of slow motion, 'playing' the items on the craft stall and bouncing on the beds in the servicemen's hostel.

Young Mister Sinatra, under a separate contract from the others, sings numbers specially written for him by Jules Styne and Sammy Cahn. By far the best of these formulaic boy-crooner ballads is the final one, "I Fall In Love Too Easily". Throughout the film, Frank sings in his upper register, aiming for a light ballad sound, and consequently not doing any justice to that reedy baritone voice.

Anchors Aweigh (MGM, 1955 RR). Lobby Card (11" X 14").
The superb pairing of Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra resulted in on-screen magic in this musical comedy about two sailors on leave in Hollywood. A huge hit, Anchors Aweigh features fun dance scenes, including a ground breaking scene with Kelly dancing with the "Tom & Jerry" cartoon mouse (courtesy of MGM's animators Bill Hanna and Joseph Barbera). 

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