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Frank Sinatra Original Personal Cigarette Lighter circa 1950s


Frank Sinatra owned Memorabilia Collectibles, props, autograph autographs For Sale
Frank Sinatra Personal Owned Memorabilia
Original Personal 14k Gold Cigarette Lighter, circa mid-late 1950s



In 1965 Esquire Magazine anointed their feature story "Sinatra Has a Cold" as the greatest story ever told at the magazine. The famed author Gay Talese mentions in his article that "Frank Sinatra gave away $50,000 worth of Gold Cigarette Lighters by the time he turned thirty"...

Here is not only one of those Original treasured gold lighters, but of all the lighters Mr Sinatra gifted, this has proven to be the most desirable by far..    Not only because it is 14k Gold Plated, but the design is superior to the others.   And, it gets even better!
Most of these we have acquired had much of the 14k Gold Worn off since most people carried them in thier pockets.  This gem looks basely used!  With glistening, nice Gold plating. 

* See enlargeable images above and below.

We have acquired this Frank Sinatra vintage lighter a few times over the past several years and it has consistently been one of the most ( if not THE most) desired pieces of historical Hollywood memorabilia we have offered over the last 30 years... The demand to own one of these Frank Sinatra personally owned treasures by collectors and Ultimate Gift Givers is intense!  .  .

Condition:    Exceptional.  Looks barely unused!  Note the gold plating is all there, NOT rubbed off like most of these that have appeared on the market..  Have not tried to light and frankly wouldn't want to and risk its near mint condition....      

Of all the versions of lighters Frank Sinatra use to handout to friends and those who had a fortunate encounter with him, this is by far the most desirable!  . . .With its raised boxed "Thanks Frank Sinatra" Signature, it is truly a beautiful and choice piece of Hollywood & Sinatra History.    These do NOT last long on our website.  And are very difficult to acquire. 

A terrific piece of history gifted from the Chairman of the Board himself!       NOTE!  These sell FAST!

A Great Find!  

Frank Sinatra was known to carry with him and give to friends Cigarette Lighters with his name imprinted on them as a token of his thanks. These lighters would simply say "Thanks Sinatra" or "Thanks Frank Sinatra" (earlier ones).  This is the is the 14k Gold "raised letter" version and is the most desirable.  THIS Is the one everyone wants to own.

What more needs to be said. We have been fortunate enough to acquire this rare piece of personal memorabilia once belonging to "Ol Blues Eyes" himself. The lighter is 14K Gold Plated. The imprinted autograph puts this lighter in the mid/late 1950s era.    These have the Gold Plated raised lettering "Thanks Frank Sinatra" on the front.   It is about 1.25 x 2".    
* See enlargeable images above and below

** A 1965 article from Esquire mentions "Sinatra gave away $50,000 worth of gold cigarette lighters before he was thirty".   It was an amazing article about Sinatra and was considered by Esquire "the greatest story ever published by Esquire".

This is a true piece of history!  We have been collecting these cigarette lighters once belonging to Mr Sinatra for many years, some of which we have sold to well known celebrities.  They are our BEST sellers !

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original

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