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Frank Sinatra RARE Authentic Autographed Signed Photo 1945


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Frank Sinatra 
RARE Authentic Autographed Signed Photo, circa 1945

One of the most extraordinary AUTHENTIC Autographed Frank Sinatra photo you will ever see!      The best Authentic Signed "Frank" photo we've discovered in over a Decade!

The stunning vintage 8x10” glossy photo was Autographed  In-Person, with vintage blue fountain pen ink,  “To Nancy, Thanx Frank”.   One of the most extraordinary vintage 1940s signed photos you will ever see!

One of the nicest we’ve come across in 40+ years of collecting !

I acquired this from “Nancy’s” son.   (Note: I’ve seen ONLY Frank’s Genuine signature signed with the unique inscription ”Thanx” several times before.  ONLY Frank would do this, NOT his secretary who signed ALL of his autograph mail requests)

He said his mom Nancy would stand outside the door of his LA area performances to get pictures and signatures.  This is a high quality promotional photo, she probably purchased it just to get a moment with him. 

Note:  I've been collecting Frank Sinatra autographed memorabilia for about 40 years and have acquired a very high level of expertise with his signature  (and the secretarial signatures that comprise about 90% of the Sinatra signatures on the market), and have seen and analyzed more of his signatures then the hired authenticators at the authentication companies.   I am recognized as one of the top Sinatra experts in the autograph industry. 

 Anyone experienced with his genuine handwriting and signatures knows this is Unquestionably an Authentic Frank Sinatra signature.    I Guarantee this will pass any Reputable and Experienced Authentication, because if anyone claims this is Not Frank Sinatra genuine autograph, that person/authenticator  does NOT know Mr Sinatra’s  signature, Period. 

Note about inscriptions:  
Some people don’t like inscription so dealers will often cut out the inscription and trim around the signature and have it encapsulated, resulting in a rather ugly autograph.   Personally I Like inscriptions for a few reasons.  First, it adds another layer of authenticity to the autograph since many forgers will not take the risk of adding an inscription.  And with secretarial signatures it jst adds more evidence of a forged secretarial signature.   Also, I really like inscriptions because its that much more handwriting, and DNA from the celebrity signer. 

And maybe most intriguing for collectors is a personal inscription is valuable provenance and the Key top the background story of the encounter with the celebrity.   For example we know Nancy personally meet Frank Sinatra at the height of his teen idol era and had him sign this photo in person in 1945. 

One of the nicest Sinatra signatures you will find.    There are Sinatra autographed photos  (the 10% that are authentic anyways)  on eBay with comparative faded hideous signatures selling for over $5000 that don’t even come close to this Beauty!   And chessy encapsulated clipped signatures for $3500!    This Authentic Signed photo and spectacular bold gorgeous contrasting ink signature is in Amazing condition for 80 years old !

With this photo was also a collection 8 smaller prints that seem more candid - a couple of these may be commercial prints sold to fans, however most of them look to be candid photos that Nancy took as they have developer stamps on the back.  One of the smaller shots is labeled as being the front of Frank’s house!   Also, from 1945, “Frank Sinatra  The Story of his life” magazine, that Nancy had in her Frank Sinatra Collection. The 80 year old  magazine is an amazing collection of ever before seen photos and stories of the young singer.   I considered breaking up the collection and offering the coveted Autographed photo and small candid photos separately.  However, this is such a special collection that one person cherished and had put together 80 years ago that it just wouldn’t be right to disrespect this collection and separate it.   

 * So be sure to view all the images below of the original vintage snap shots and 1945 Special Sinatra magazine

NOTE2:  Be very careful with Frank Sinatra signatures online, and particularly on eBay, as about 90% are secretarial or outright forgeries.   I have been collecting and studying his authentic and fake signatures since 1980 and am Very knowledgeable  on his signature styles vs the fakes.    Unfortunately some of the new younger authenticators have been getting it Wrong and passing some blatant forgeries!

Size: 8x10"

* See enlargeable images above and below 

Guaranteed Authentic for Life
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