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Historical FRANK SINATRA Cal Neva Album circa 1960


Frank Sinatra
RARE - HISTORICAL Cal Neva Album, circa 1960


Just acquired.  An incredible historical Frank Sinatra item.  A vintage RARE Cal Neva record.  He only produced this to promote his new venture (note how Cal Neva is mis-spelled on bottom of record sleeve).  You know the history behind the Cal Neva Lodge.   The album is one of the rarest of all Cal Neva treasures!
Very good condition, sleeve has a couple tape repairs. 

During the time this item was made, Frank Sinatra was at a very high point in his life and career and figured that it would be great to partner up with buddy Dean Martin and silent partner, Chicago mob boss, Sam "Momo" Giancana, and others to run his own casino, the Cal Neva Lodge. However, Nevada gaming commission regulations prohibited the attendance of any known criminals at any of its licensed gaming facilities. Since the FBI was watching the Cal Neva closely, they reported that mob boss Sam Giancana did visit the facility and his presence was acknowledged by Frank Sinatra. As a result, Frank Sinatra lost his gaming license for the Cal Neva. Years later, in the early 1980s, Frank would redeem himself before the Nevada gaming commission and win his license back after grueling testimony by himself, Kirk Douglas, the Los Angeles sheriff, and many others. It's interesting to note that in Frank Sinatra's testimony, he stated that he never saw Sam Giancana at the Cal Neva.