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MAN FROM UTAH Vintage Western Movie Poster Half Sheet John Wayne

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Original vintage classic old Western Movie Theater Film Posters John Wayne Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
Original Vintage Western Movie Theater Poster Half Sheet (22x28")
Starring (27 yr old) John Wayne

MAN FROM UTAH 1934 close up of young cowboy John Wayne with his gun! 

If you think you have all the John Wayne posters you need...think again!.

You'll need to make a little room for this highly scarce, breath-taking gem of a find!.    Spectacular artwork.
  In addition to the breath-taking super large close-up, are the other two terrific images of the Duke!    This half sheet along with the "Lonely Trail" we also recently acquired, are two of the most beautiful, eye catching  movie posters ever created for this iconic western movie star.  Simply Movie Art Masterpieces!   * See enlargeable image above

Note:  This is the first time in our 39 years collecting we have acquired this poster.  It is also one of the earliest pieces of John Wayne Original Vintage Movie Paper we've ever offered.  

Description: An Original Vintage Theatrical Unfolded Half-Sheet Movie Poster (measures 22" x 28)..   The Man from Utah, the 1934 Robert N. Bradbury cowboy western ("Action on the Range and in the Rodeo") starring  John Wayne , George 'Gabby' Hayes ,  Polly Ann Young  (sister of  Loretta Young , to whom she bore a striking resemblance!), Anita Campillo (billed as "Anita Compillo"), Edward Peil Sr., and  Yakima Canutt 

Important Added Info:  Note that John Wayne had his first chance at stardom in 1930 with "The Big Trail", and when that was not successful, he spent a few years in minor roles, and then became a major B-western star, and stayed that way until 1939, when he made "Stagecoach" and became a major star. At that point, all of his mid 1930s B-westerns were re-released, and no doubt that adds to the rarity of original movie posters from those movies..  Original first release 1934 movie paper of any sort from this movie is incredibly scarce (this is the very first 1934 poster we have had from this title)!

Also note that this poster has never been folded!  Which is astonishing !   Most pre-1970 half-sheet posters were folded twice horizontally at the poster exchange, while relatively very few were not. It can be very difficult to find an unfolded example of many pre-1970 half-sheet posters, even more so from a 1930s title!.

Condition: The poster was never folded. It has a 1" tear in the left of the bottom blank border. It has some faint brown stains in the left blank border and some slight darkening around the extreme outer edges of the borders.  That said, this poster has survived in about as nice condition as one could possibly hope, and it has a small piece of tape on the back of the bottom left, but that was not put there for a restoration purpose.   Completely original un-restored condition..     Note: It is very rare to find a Rolled half sheet from this early 1930's era as almost all of them were folded!!  What a beauty!   The condition of this 85 year old poster is quite extraordinary. 

* See enlargeable image above

The Man from Utah (Monogram, 1934). Half Sheet (22" X 28") Portrait Style.
If you think you have all the John Wayne posters you need...think again. You'll need to make a little room. This legendary, portrait style, Lone Star Western, rolled ,half sheet, just became available. It features a large portrait of a 1934 Wayne with his hat tilted just so, and his six-gun to hand. Old friends George "Gabby" Hayes, Ed Peil Sr., and Yakima Canutt, were saddled up for this excellent early Western. There is only minor edge wear and  a very faint stain in the left border, and a corner bump in the bottom left. Rolled, Very Fine-.

Note:   For You serious John Wayne fans and/or collectors,   this is one of four exceptional Museum Grade John Wayne Original Movie Theater Posters we currently have, that will cause whiplash to anyone who makes eye contact with this exciting Duke artifact!.    Will truly transform any ordinary room into extraordinary !
See the others below under, "Other Treasures You May Like", including two extraordinary one sheets and two super Rare half sheets (including this one).  ..  

Note: Cvtreasures stamp not on original 

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