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Searchers Original Vintage Half Sheet Movie Poster John Wayne

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The Searchers, 1956
Original Vintage Half Sheet Movie Poster
Starring John Wayne

"A John Ford Masterpiece!"


Here is the magnificent half sheet for this iconic John Wayne western (AFI voted greatest western of all time).  A very Rare and highly desirable vintage Hollywood historical piece to find as this half sheet has only appeared on the market a few times over the past 25 years.   But, what makes this particular poster extraordinary is the artwork and graphics are the best of any poster created for this western masterpiece! Only on the half sheet are the cast members so beautifully illustrated in this format, right below that iconic scene of John Wayne with breath-taking Monument Valley in the background.  The other posters had relatively boring color photo blocks of the cast members.  * See enlargeable image above

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The Searchers (Warner Brothers, 1956). Half Sheet (22" X 28").
Director John Ford brought together one of the finest casts for what is thought to be one of the greatest Westerns ever made. John Wayne turns in the finest performances of his career, with the support of Harry Carey Jr., Ward Bond, Natalie Wood, Vera Miles, and Jeffrey Hunter. Thanks to the magnificent cinematography of Academy Award winner Winton C. Hooch, the film is nothing less than a visual marvel.

When Ethan Edwards (John Wayne) returns home after fighting in the Indian Wars, he finds that his family has been massacred and his niece (Natalie Wood) kidnapped by the Comanches. Swearing vengeance, he sets out on a quest to find her and avenge his family, a journey that consumes many miles and many years. Directed by John Ford, this was one of John Wayne's personal favorites. The half sheet is considered to be one of the best poster formats, with its gorgeous panoramic image of Monument Valley-- also known as "John Ford Country."..  

This gem is 100% Original UN-Restored.  The poster has the typical fold lines,  but they are not  obtrusive as they don't affect any of the image area.  . Also has a few vintage tape stains on the top and bottom borders .  We actually like vintage tape stains in unobtrusive areas like the borders as it has a nice touch of authenticity from tape that has aged over 60 years..  That said, beautiful bright colors (not faded like you see with most of these Searchers posters that appear on the market)..   You always have the option of having minor restoration to remove the tape stains and fold lines.   But, we love it the way it is, with its slightly old rough crusty western look to it !.    . .  A historic piece of Hollywood history that represents the greatest western ever made, all eyes would be on this beauty displayed in your home or office !

This is only the second "Searchers" half sheet we have ever owned in 37 years collecting  The last one we sold for $2500.  

Note: Cvtreasures stamp not on original

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