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How to SEARCH for items on this web site

Searching for items on this web site


How do I find specific items on Conway's Vintage Treasures web site?

Use the Search box at the top of every page. Type just a couple keywords pertaining to your special topic. For example, say you are looking for a John Wayne autograph or movie poster, just type in the search box "John Wayne" (without the quotes) and all the John Wayne related items will be displayed. The more you narrow down the search like "John Wayne movie posters" you end up missing out on lobby cards, inserts, movie props and ONLY the plural "movie posters" will be listed. So, you are better off doing a broad search of John Wayne or Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley.  So, just type Frank Sinatra and you'll get all SInatra items on our web site.  But, if you are looking for Frank Sinatra memorabilia, don't type "Frank Sinatra memorabilia" into the search box as it will ONLY lists item descriptions with ALL three words "Frank Sinatra memorabilia" and you will MISS OUT on any items that do not have the ALL three words. 

Another example: If you want to see all of the Wizard of Oz autographs on our site, it is best to just type Wizard Oz (you only need the two words) because some autographed items may have the word "signature" instead of "autographs" in the description.  Also,  you may find you really like some of the Wizard of OZ movie posters, which would not be displayed in your SEARCH results if you typed "Wizard of Oz autographs".


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