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Barbara Streisand Owned and Worn Clothing black pants by Isda

Barbara Streisand Owned and Worn Clothing
Black Pants, by Isda & Co

We recently acquired four articles of clothing owned and worn by Barbra Streisand.  As our regular customers know we rarely acquire personal belongings of celebrities unless the provenance is solid.    The four pieces we have listed on our site all have the Certificate of Authenticity from Barbra Streisand
with her printed signature.  And all were donated by Ms Streisand for her own personal charity auction to support the "Streisand Foundation".  Each COA identifies the exact article of clothing she donated.   This particular item is Black Pants, by Isda & Co

A rare chance to own a unique piece of personal memorabilia from one of the most notable singers ever.  AND, sure to skyrocket in value !

* See enlargeable images above and below

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