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Katharine Hepburn Autograph Note

Katharine Hepburn
Signed Typed note

Here is a lined piece of paper typed; "Doug Fairbanks Jr's period and my period are the same--He was a gadabout---I a recluse--He's great fun---I learned a lot--" She than writes someone's name and signs it; "Kath." Staining, otherwise nice. GREAT CONTENT!!

From the very rare Hepburn Collection:

This is a very RARE collection acquired from a celebrity collector and autograph hound who collected Katharine Hepburn's trash during five year period. As you can see from the many items below, Hepburn would hand write responses from fans and friends and her secretary who then type on the Hepburn stationary. Many of these letters show a "personal' and often peculiar side of Hepburn, with some indignant responses and notations. Many of the handwritten items are of course not signed because they were not sent to anyone, but only so her secretary would know what to type. Also, because it was meant for the trash, Ms Hepburn tore-up many of the items below which were taped back together. On the signed item we have places our name (which is not on the originals) due to discourage online forgers and also scam artists on eBay who often steal images and then post for sale. Also, it should be noted that Ms Hepburn had a very distinct, unique handwriting and signature easily discernible to the experienced collector. It also serves as a very difficult task for forgers, particularly on eBay, to duplicate. Thus, because of Ms Hepburn's unique, trademark handwriting and signature, Hepburn forgeries are among the easiest to spot for those of us that have specialized in Hollywood autographs for many years...

This is of course a one-of-a-kind collection of items which normally don't get into the marketplace and I'm sure Ms Hepburn never intended for these to be seen by anyone but her personal secretary. But, as a result of a savvy (maybe obsessed) collector, the items were sparred from being destroyed and now available to you. . So enjoy one of the most extensive personal finds from one of the biggest Hollywood legends of our time. You may never see anything like this on the market again. When they're gone, they're gone!